September 25, 2011

Too Late:

No sword or quill
Or words whispered
Upon bent knees
Or silent thoughts
Will one know the truth
Within thy own heart
For in the darkest folds
Lies truths forgotten by us
But we’ll remember
After this life is no more
For they’ll be written in blood
On pages of pure white

August 29, 2011


cry not for them
cry for the ones lost
cry for those who
turn away not seeing
cry for my soul
for I saw not God’s hand
keeping my pence’s
only for myself

August 10, 2011

Tears for tomorrow:

Tho, life entered
into their view
Eyes close
to what’s seen
Mind’s give
no thought
Lips held tight
in silence
Yet we
scream from within
Know us,
for who we are
Life passed on
No one remembered

June 12, 2011

What Next:

The youth are gone
now stands those
who look back
to times lost forever
Replaced by the cries
of sirens and flashing lights
the back firing of cars
for the pops of 9mm’s
and screams of pain
What'll they tell their kids
will it be about red snow
or crimson rain across streets
where even police
are afraid to go

June 3, 2011

Quiet Thought:

Signs everywhere
Dos and don’ts
Tomorrow never comes
Yet is already gone
Life freely given
then quickly taken
No tear was shed
they dried-up long ago
Laugher uttered not
For only the dead
now scream

May 15, 2011

Fairy Tale Rescuers:

People keep wanting me to post
so I worked over a reply I did
for another Blog. Have fun reading.

Fairy Tale Rescuers:

I wanted one that swings a sword
sharpened on both sides
That would cut the ones in half
that I wish to die
A Knight or Maiden
I really cared not which
As long as they would kill
the evil one called a witch

No, not one to me
was a shining Knight
No one tried to save me
or brought me out into the light
For in my time the kids was wrong
and Mom or Dad was right
So in the darkness of my mine
I hide from them in fright

Read not I
no not, book one
No fairy tales for me
for I was too dumb
What’s wrong with that kid
my sweet mom has said
I’d never read them a book
I’d rather be caught dead

I’ll not go to see them
for in the ground they stay
And the ghost within my mind
now dance upon their grave
I hope you had some fun
when you read this reply
And if you think it's true
please I ask you not to cry

May 10, 2011

Lost words:

What I write is from the past
Thoughts and words from long ago
As if time had open a door
To let sweet words run free
Yet now this heart from a harden soul
Speaks no verse or rhyme
No pen writes of a muse’s song
No keyboard beats out a tune
Now only tear upon dry cheeks
For it seems my words have gone
Only hope and dreams now live
And even they’ll not last long

May 1, 2011


Just today the cool evening air
took me back to days long passed.
Memories raced through my head
so fast I knew it would not last.
I traveled back to run and play
along that slow moving brook.
Remembering the snack I used to take
to eat as I read my comic book.
I wish I could take you back with me,
tho I know you could not come along.
To just hang out and play together as the
clouds and sun just seem to linger on.
I tried to leave this world behind
hoping to live deep within my mind.
You found me off so far away
and brought me back again today.
You touched my dream and I saw you cry
as you looked deep into my eyes.
You saw there was but one place for me,
and it was not in this reality.

Copyright ©2003 Ellis William Moore

April 19, 2011

My reply to a Jamie Dedes post:

Patter of raindrops
Cool innermost reflection
Of thoughts unspoken


Sitting by window
Watching raindrops fall freely
On cool spring morning


My muse was playing

April 8, 2011

The Meaning of:

Questions spin within
Though I ask time and time again
I’m answered not--
no voice whispers in my ear
no words written upon the wall

Will my questions be answered when I die
or will I be kept in the dark
a place where even thoughts are silent

March 27, 2011

A playful Muse

I ask not for thine sweet words
For which mine eyes now see
My ears hear or this heart feels
Yet whisper upon thine own page
Wrap me into thine written words
So it holds our heart together
Letting thoughts be as one

A muse runs wild:
when both hands were placed upon the table
the ax that you removed them with was not swung
with love, understanding or pity yet
boldly hurled around as if none were there
a game like blind man's bluff so no guilt
will rest upon thine own shoulders
surely now no fingers can point back at thee

March 6, 2011

Last Reply

The last reply
Not grisly stuff
Not smiles and sunshine
No blood
No tears of sorrow
We’ll skip death today
We’ll skip a tender touch
Gone is deep depression
Gone to are dreamy eyes
Nothing remains
Nothing of me