January 28, 2010

Know Me:

You touched my heart
and made the wind stand still.
You took my voice so I
could only sing for you.
You held my soul tightly
in your hands last night.
I knew I had no will
for your will prevailed.
You blinded me to all others
yet you saw me not,
heard me not,
felt me not.
Sadly you will never
come to know me.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

January 25, 2010


Why did you leave me that night.
Taking my love.
Taking my hope.
Taking my will.
This heart of mine has needs.
To feel desire.
To feel closeness.
To feel happiness.
I long to be the only one.
In your thoughts.
In your dreams.
In your arms.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

January 20, 2010


Standing there in the
morning sun so fair.
Your fragrance fills
the cold morning air.
With dew drops dancing
across your petals so grand.
The smell of the rose,
is a gift from God to man.
The color as red as the blood
from your passionate heart.
There is no wonder it shows up
in so much of man's art.
Like on you, I find thorns to
protect the rose's delicate stem.
How do I get to your heart,
must the thorns be trimmed?

Copyright ©2003 Ellis William Moore

January 18, 2010

Is War Needed:

Is any War needed is any Death right?
What is the price we pay to sleep safe at night?
Is any War good, just... or even true?
Who pays for our freedom I'm just asking you.

Was it my buddy on patrol with me that day?
Was it my Uncle who is long gone away?
Was it my old playmate, who is still not quite right?
Was it my husband my wife asks that wakes up screaming at night?

Was it the guy down the street, or that lady leaning on the wall?
They keep drinking to forget but they remember it all.
Was it the tin can walkers or the ones on the ground?
Was it the man in the plane dropping bombs upon towns?

I am just asking... though it's not fair to you,
please if you know, can you just tell me who.
Who paid for this freedom for me to openly say?
This War is unjust and should be stopped today.

Copyright ©2005 Ellis William Moore

January 13, 2010

Silent Words Spoken:

The straight razor swings open
cuts then closes again
so quick so deep
no pain was shown, but there was

Eyes meet words unspoken
turning they walk away
silent cuts so quick so deep
no pain was shown, but there was

January 11, 2010

Gnome in the tree

Cutting down a tree for the mother of my daughter’s friend. I was trying to get the branches teamed first. When I cut off the branch that was growing over the driveway I spotted this little guy looking at me. I stopped and told the woman she had a gnome living in the tree we were cutting down. Little was I to know she was very superstitious and made me stop cutting on the tree. If you drive by her house still today, you’ll see the tree just the way I left

January 6, 2010

Ghost or Not:

Okay for tonight’s post I thought I might do something a little different.

When I was up in my daughters attic painting the windows I had a board over the open area to keep wind and or rain out of the house until the paint could dry. I cleaned my brush off every now and then because there was a lot of glass in the window and I did not tape them off. To make a long story a lot shorter I was not paying attention to how I was wiping my brush off on the board. On the third window, I looked at the board and saw this miss of pant strokes. I saved it and showed it to my daughter and granddaughter. My nine-year-old granddaughter said. “Mom that’s the girl I told you I saw on the stairs the other day.” Now my family thinks, this is a picture of a ghost that lives in her house.

I like the picture and think it is only a bunch of paint that got slopped on a board.

January 4, 2010


You just ran out on us.
You didn't say good-bye.
Not letting us know you left.
Not showing us you care.
We ask where you went.
We sit and wait for you.
Listening for the phone.
Listening for the doorbell.
Hoping you will come back.
Hoping you want to see us.
Oh why can't you love us?
Oh what a sad day this is.
Can't you see our tears?
Can't you hear us cry?
What have we done so bad?
What can we do to change?
Please come see us mommy.
Please come today.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore