May 29, 2018

WEP Oct 2018 Challenges


W.C. 1011 comment away

Cindy Graham stood in front of the mirror, smiling. Her gown was pure white silk, with a sinfully low-cut neckline and filigree silk sleeves. Cindy’s father had two hundred, diamonds sewn into the bust line.

She turned and smiled at her teacher, Betty. Betty was her best friend for the last seven years. After the accident, Cindy had little hope of living a normal life. After losing a part of her motor skills and twenty percent of her speech.

Betty asked. “Have you seen Rick today?”

Still smiling, Cindy said, “I nevah thought I’d get mawwied, Beddy. Look at me. I’m standing in my wedding dwess and will be Mrs. Wick Dobbs in two maw days and you’ll be my handmade of honaw.”

Betty smiled and hugged Cindy. “That’s maid of honor, sweetheart, but have you seen Rick today?”

Cindy replied, “What do you think, Beddy?

Betty couldn’t believe her eyes. “You’re the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen. Rick is very lucky.” It was true. There stood a grown woman with the body of a goddess.  

“Cindy, listen to me,”   Betty said again. “Have you seen Rick?”

“No, I’ve nod seen him sense yesdewday. Why?”

“Cindy, remember when we first met?” Betty asked

Cindy giggled. "You know I do. How could I forged Beddy? We have been best fwiends ever senses. If nod for you I would nod bee here doday. You know I wuv you and anything I have is youws."

Betty stepped up behind Cindy and kissed the back of her friend’s head. “Sweet heart, your friendship and safety are the only two things I want. I just want to be sure Rick is the right one for you.” 

“He wov’s me, Beddy. He dells me all the time.” Cindy grinned.

“Oh, sweet, innocent child. I have never told you why I came here. I never dreamed you would go out into that world I ran away from. I never wanted you to face the things you’re about to face. I knew I had to let you go so you can grow up.”

“Could you help me with my dwess? We have do gew weady for dinnaw. Wick is coming ovew.”

“Sure,” Betty said, as she helped Cindy put her wedding gown into Cindy’s walk-in safe.

“Cindy,” Betty said, “Nine years ago, I, fell in love with a man named Scott. He looked something like Rick. All my friends thought I was the luckiest woman in the world. We were fooled. When I turned my term paper in on ‘Rehabilitation of Lost Motor Skills,’ I found Scott had stolen it. I was told I was being expelled for plagiarism. Later I found out Scott was married. I interviewed for this job and got it. What I’m trying to tell you is, I hope Rick is not just another Scott.

“Wick would never do thad do me,” Cindy said as she hugged Betty.

“Dinner is served.” They heard.

When they reached the bottom of the stairway, there stood Rick.

“Hi, love,” Rick cooed. “What’s my girl been doing?”

“I dried on my wedding dwess to make sure it was nod do big,” Cindy giggled.

Rick leaned close to Cindy and whispered. Cindy started laughing out loud.

“Naughdy boy.”

Cindy’s father seemed upset during dinner.

“Rick,” Cindy’s father said. “I want to see you in my study after dinner.”

“Yes Mr. Graham. After I tell Cindy goodnight.” Rick knew her father didn’t trust him.

When Rick entered the study, Cindy’s father was behind his desk.

Rick walked over and stood in front of the desk. “You wanted to see me.”

“Rick, I’ll get to the point. You know Cindy will inherit everything. You also know I’ll do anything for her. I have a check here for half a million dollars. You’ve broken some hearts.  If you think you’re going break my daughter’s heart, you don’t know me very well. So, take the money, walk out the door. If you don’t, I’ll see to it you’ll never get one cent of her or my money.”

Rick reached over and took the check. He, smiled at Mr. Graham, then placed it in his pocket. “I thank you, sir. I’ll have the check cashed by noon.” Then Rick got up and left.

“Damn,” “I’ll have to tell Cindy tomorrow.

The next day Mr. Graham asked the butler. “Have you seen my daughter or Betty?”

“Yes, sir. They went to the mall, sir,”

“Well, when they get back, please have Cindy come see me.”

“Yes, sir.”

Betty and Cindy had just left a shop when they saw Rick walk up to a young woman sitting on a bench. She got up and they threw their arms around each other and hugged.

“Who is dhad giwl Wick hugged, Beddy?”

“I don’t know, but it’s time to go home,” Betty replied.

When the girls got home the butler told Mr. Graham, “Sir, Miss Cindy is home. Would you care to see her now or after dinner?”

“Never mind, I’ll tell her myself.”

“Very good, sir,” the butler muttered.

As the butler said, “Dinner is served.” the front doorbell rang.

Rick stood there with the woman that Betty and Cindy had seen him with.

“Hi, everyone. I would like you to meet my sister, Tammie. Her yachts in dry dock, so she’s come to our wedding. She’ll be house-sitting while we’re on our honeymoon.” She said she always wanted to spend some time visiting New Orleans.

Rick slipped Mr. Graham an envelope. Then he walked back and put his arms around Tammie and Cindy. “Sis, you should taste the food in this dump.” 

Mr. Graham looked at the envelope. Inside he found a prenuptial agreement along with a bankbook. He flipped it open to see a half-million dollar deposit in his daughter’s name. The prenuptial stated that anything Cindy’s had or inherited Rick couldn’t touch. It was signed and dated the day before.

Mr. Graham seem to have a moment of dejavu. Did Cindy and her mother put some kind of voodoo spells on Rick and me?

May 25, 2018

One Dark and Stormy Night

Listen up everyone. Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine that died and what happened between him and this snake, (One Dark and Stormy Night).

John Thorson was driving back home from a party at his brother’s house where the liquor flowed like the rain that had just been hitting old Thorson's windshield.

Anyway, somewhere down around Possum Holler John's wife asked him, “Did you see that big old snake laying in the road just back yonder?”

It seems my friend didn't so he stopped and started walking back up the road with a golf club and flashlight in his hands.

Well sure fire if Thorson's wife wasn’t right and there all curled up in the middle of the road was a twelve foot timber back rattlesnake.

The snakes head was lying up on top of his rain soaked coils and those two snake eyes seemed to be drilling a hole into John's brain.

Will it was either the snake eyes or all those jelly jar drinking glass full of his brothers Mike Thorson’s 190 Proof corn liquor he had just brewed up for their other brothers birthday party. Yep that was one hell of a party. There was dancing and fiddling and some of the best Bar-B-Cue I’d suck my teeth into in a long time. Mary Henderson was looking sweeter than a tree frog on a moonlit night. You know the frogs you used for catfishing down in the Hollers.

Heck there I went and all most got off the story. Ok back to it. I'll try and not wander off too much.

Thorson looked at them snake eyes all glowing in the moonlight like two tiny lumps of burning coal. Yes the moon had just peeked out from behind them there storm clouds.

John's wife said, “That is when the strangest thing happened.”

There her old man stood over the top of that snake, feet apart, shoulders back, and head down.

In the moonlight she saw him start back on what was probably the best back swing he had ever done. In seconds with both hands locked on that golf club and his eyes glued to that there Timber backs head, he swung.

His wife said, “Officer it happened so quick from that time on I didn't even have time to blink.”

That old snake must have watched them playing golf because just as that club got to his head he pulled it down inside his coils.

I know by now you're all guessing what happened. You’re all thinking that old snake popped his head out and sunk its three inch fangs into John's leg.

You-all would have been right but life just doesn’t work that way.

Okay, okay you-all are asking if that didn’t happen, then what did.

I can tell you this. You didn't guessed any part of what happened next. Okay I'll get back to the story and tell you. John Thorson missed. From the way his wife told it to me, “He never had a chance”.

Heck, John being the golfer he was, he kept right on swinging. With a follow through the likes no one in the valley has ever seen him do.

There the two of them stood. He in that stand you see on top of them cheap trophies they give the kids out at the local club. There that rattlesnake was, still peeking up from inside his coils.

You’re asking yourself right about now, if the snake didn't bite him, where is this all going? 

Heck give me some time to catch my breath and I’ll tell you. 

Okay, where was I. Oh that’s right.

Anyway John’s wife was standing there looking at them two fools. The snake and her old man in the middle of a highway still looking at each other, when the biggest bolt of lightning she had ever seen hit the end of John’s golf club.

That bolt of lightning was so big it melted the asphalt around John and that snake for ten feet coving them both from head to toe with asphalt.

Okay I know some of you all are asking, how come the wife was not hit by the lighting also? Remember John had to walk back up the road to get to the snake. The wife told me she didn't want to get that close to any old snake and she stayed by the car, about a good city block away.

When I drove by the next morning to see for myself the highway crew was still trying to chip the two of them out of the asphalt.

The wife said she had a change of heart. She was going to bury those two fools together, but now she thinks she'll just stand them up by his old 54 Ford truck that was still up on concrete blocks out there in the front yard as a memorial.

I need to get this written and posted before the widow Mrs. Thorson has another change of heart and stops inviting me over for supper every night.

April 30, 2018

Where Am I:

Do you know where I am?
A different place for each rhyme.

I saw the stars on stormy nights
And watch the New moon glow
I see many sun rises and sets
Because of how fast I go

I walked around the world real slow
With both hands pointing south
No bird will I ever see
That live here round about

My feet stand on molting rocks
My hair is frozen white
Yet things moving around me
Some fish with tiny lights

Another thing I must ask
As birds look up at me
Why do I set in this thing
And pay a great big fee

Water, water every where
And not a drop to drink
If I should  die tomorrow
They’d throw me in the brink

So if you know where I am
Please don’t tell another soul
Because once I’ve taken this trip
On any others, I cannot go

Three strikes and I’m out
Yet no game have I played
I fear for what I heard
I’ll not see light of day

Words to my left and right
Others high and low
But without my little card
None will they let go

A white sheet rapped around me
Power from my tummy to my thigh
There’s a great big window
And at me people waving Hi

Now this is the easiest one
For I’m seven feet tall
Some guy keeps whistling
And taking away the ball

March 6, 2018

Four Trees:

Four Trees:

Two paths ahead
Where do they lead?
One went to heaven
The other hell

The entrance between
Those two paths
Were guard by
Four trees

Once you passed
You’d never get back
That was their job
You see

February 28, 2018

Road Less Traveled:

Road less traveled
The theme it's to be
Something about myself
Few will ever see

Most of my story’s
Start with a rhyme
Giving you an idea of
what you’ll read this time

So this is the roads
I normally don't go down
You’ll see a side of me
I don't show round


The ghosts that walk within my mind
have walked there through endless time
In the shadows they hide and wait to spring
to remind me of so many things
They remind me too well
my life has been a living hell
Am I so very small
that I have to read the writing on the wall?
To find out that it was I
who placed the ghosts where they lie!


When she left,
my heart left with her
this passing of time
is now forever

Though longing tears
I will always weep
not finding her in
my arms so sweet

My heart will tremble
till we unite
the fire grows low
that burned so bright

Have I forgot the touch
of her sweet hands
when holding me
would feel so grand?

Though in time it seems
it all will fade
I cannot win this war
for which I wage

To hear her voice and feel
her kiss so light
is all that waits
this lonely night

Love Is Stronger:

His true love waits for him,
beyond the misty streams.
He sees her in his heart,
and holds her in his dreams.

A robin sings a lonely song,
with words he can feel.
Knowing the love of his life,
is laying so very still.

Hearing her call out his name,
over the oceans waves.
Beckoning him to follow her,
beyond her lonely grave.

No sun shines on his face,
flowing tears block it out.
Love is stronger than one's life,
looking up in pain he shouts.

He feels her hand slide in his,
he sees her glowing hair.
As he walks away with her,
he sees himself still there.


As he lays there with her
they hope of things to be.
Little toys and lots of noise
around a Christmas tree.

They lay holding each other,
talking about their plans.
He feels life in her womb
with the touch of his hand.

They plan of trips to take
down beside the sea.
Cool water will splash
upon their baby's knees.

He waits in the room,
with family standing round.
He is alone not by her side
he hears a chilling sound.

Looking at their smiling baby,
he can see her in her eyes.
Kneeling at his wife's grave,
he says his last good bye.


Silver hands glide through grassy woodlands,
while shadows dance across golden leaves.
Eyes glow red with fiery glances stolen,
small creatures scurrying with the breeze.

Glistening brooks sway with every shadow.
Their music beckons for us to come out and play
Watching us while we wandered aimlessly,
knowing where we walk she lights our way.

Great oceans though strong beckon to her call,
giving up their water over shores so grand.
Hand in hand lovers will gaze with envy,
together while walking through cool wet sand.

He Remembers:

He remembers the day he met her,
she was standing out in the rain.
Stopping to see if she could use his help,
she looked at him as if he was insane.

He remembers that sweet round face,
glistening eyes and those cute little lips.
Dropping her off at her house later on,
she happened to let her phone number slip.

He remembers the day they were wed,
her standing there in pearly white.
His car covered in paper and soap
and the first for them both that night.

He remembers the kids the first one
then two, and what number three!
With the nose and toys, and little cuts,
out back in the play house tree.

He remembers the doctor standing there,
not looking at him as he speaks.
He stands alone there by her grave,
tears flowing down both cheeks.

Sweet Dreams:

Sweet dreams, my little one.
Remembering things that were,
holding to things that are,
longing for things to come.
Sweet dreams, my little one.

Sweet dreams, my little one.
In the twilight of tonight,
until the droning of first light,
feeling the rays of our sun.
Sweet dreams, my little one.

Sweet dreams, my little one.
For the youth of your time,
of the aged that have refined,
for everything that is fun.
Sweet dreams, my little one.

Sweet dreams, my little one.
For those that live in style,
clinging to life's trials,
from me, before I run.
Sweet dreams, my little one.


Thought I
Thought of you
Thought I lost you
Thought you went away
Thought you left me far behind
Thought I could not catch up to you
Thought you ran away from me too fast
Thought you made our love untwine
Thought today would never end
Thought our love was gone
Thought I wanted to die
Thought you did not
Thought why me
Thought I


Looking into your eyes I see no place for me
your smile beckons, your lips pull me close
I feel your hand touching mine
and I want to embrace you
but a simple picture is all I have
Seeing your picture does not help
Will this picture keep me warm tonight?
Can it take from my heart...this hopelessness?
Do you know this feeling of longing?
Longing to hold you, to see you, to smell your hair
longing just to hear your voice
This tugging at my it your eyes
your smile or the way you make me feel?
You are like the wind as it rushes by
Its cool fingers brushing my face
just to let me know it was here but not staying long
Going where, I do not know
Will it come back, I cannot tell

On this road less traveled
You saw into my soul
I’m at 1000 words
So, I have to go

February 8, 2018

In too Deep:

I’m in too deep
In madness I write
I’m up late hours
On the darkest of nights
Thoughts are roaring
Throughout my brain
I have little hope
I’ll not go insane

I’m in too deep
No love have I found
There’s too many things
I'm working around
A short prom I’ll write
No long one to read
I hear you all say
Give us a break please

I’m in too deep
So give me some time
I’ll send you unconditional love
In a story type rhyme
Love conditional or unconditional
Man that is a hard one
I think it's a little of each
Or then maybe none

I’m in too deep
I say with a sigh
I’m sure you’ll believe me
No way would I lie
I’d love you if you’re
Red headed with green eyes
I’d love you if you’re
A lot taller than wide

Would I think it’s too deep
if lots of money you had
and no kids running around
calling me stepdad
I’ll love you if you think
My mother is sweet
This poem is half through
So hold on to your seat

What is too deep
if you have very few bills
can you make our love
A whirlwind type thrill?
I see the same conditional
Things every day
there's a few unconditional
I beat we could say

Would I stretch it too deep
To say sunsets, and trees
but I’m betting you'd say,
“God spare me please!”
Now think about this,
For its not hard to do
some people find love
A love that is true

That’s too deep
Most of you’d squeal
No way could people fall
in love head over heels
Yet it is those people,
With a love that’s on fire
a love that we want
And have always desired

I’m not too deep to say its better
Leaving birds in a tree, than,
let any of them go make
A mess in your hand
Now if you’ve read this
I’m in pretty darn deep
And it's your comments
that I seem to seek