August 24, 2015


Your eyes burned into my soul
Your caress set my heart a flame
Still you uttered no words to me
I want not, unspoken words

For I long to hear those words
to feel them brushing my ears
Words to hold my heart like
a new born for the first time

Words caressing me in the softness
of understanding, joy, and love
Knowing, tho we are not one
we’ll always be one, for eternity

August 10, 2015

Fire and Passion:

Fire and passion shared between lovers
Will it not someday leave one burned to a
Fine ash of grey power, blown about as
Dust on a wind controlled by the other

Yet I embrace these feelings blindly
With my head stuck in the sands of life
Thinking the fire will not consume me
As embers and flames  lick at my heart