November 24, 2015

Lingering Dread:

A life time of worries
The clinging of woe
The blackness of night
In its own darkish glow
Surley we will wonder
If it comes from with-in
This self-center fear
We somehow now spin
Yet still with daylight
We ask if it’s not true
Will this dread not linger
Deep, within me and you

November 12, 2015


As writers we write
Should we not write
For fear of offending.
Will they not someday
Make the same mistake

As writers we write
What muse would tell
You, put down your pen
And do not write again
Upon pages of white

As writers we write
Without you could
I have written this
Or should my muse
Also whisper no more

As writers we write
Tho none may read
Our pens care not
As words spill forth
Feeding our souls