January 25, 2016

Foot Prints:

I found no prints in the sand
Yet I once walked these shores.
I walked where no man has walked
And none shall ever walk again.

My steps were deep and wide
A sense of pride they showed.
Still I find, not one grain of sand
Over turned as if I was never born.

Once the suns warmth caressed me.
Now mother earth wraps her arms
around me in an embrace,  as I
sleep in her damp bosom forever. 

January 20, 2016

Earth 2

Sitting here looking
out this port I see
A planet of dark brown
with an emerald sea

The air is a light green
with soft clouds on high
We has traveled so far
because Earth has died

We’re told we can breathe
the thin air down below
But we’ll turn purple from
things on this world it grows

All the fleets’ engines fire,
as the Great landing begins
The sky starts to glow,
God no, we’ve done it again

The sea is on fire, sister ships
turn flaming bright red
No more worlds will we destroy
for all man kind is now dead

January 11, 2016

Death Will Come

The clock ticks away
Our souls it desires
It awaits our death 
Hour after lonely hour

Nothing stops its

Ghostly rounds
For at ones birth
Our souls it found

Our life is always

Just a tick or tock
For someday we
Will surely stop

January 2, 2016

Go Away

You tore my heart
From my chest and
Made me want to cry

You said you’d never leave me
And all I ever ask of you
Was to tell me goodbye