May 27, 2016

Battered Soul

The grief within
No one can see
This will to live
Is draining out of me

Yet the truth
No one knows
For none can see
This battered soul

They say this life
Has plenty to give
So why, within it,
I see no reason to live

Others scream out
Just listen to me
I’m never wrong
You’re sure to see

The pain is strong
I know it’s near
But is it life
Or death I fear

May 11, 2016

Blood Hearts

My heart was filled 
with haunting pain, 
as you ripped at my soul

I ask you to understand 
yet, from you no love 
have I ever known

The pressure was great 
within those veins 
but you never knew

You’ve chilled this blood 
that once ran hot 
when I spoke your name

Yet with time 
my heart won’t hurt 
for ice now flows within

Tell me not, you don’t understand 
for our hearts 
are now the same