January 19, 2020

Four New

No words saved on
these pages of white
Between those two
on a dark lonely night
Words not meant
for others to see
Of dreams about things
never meant to be

Even if only friends
others would say not
They'd only see two
lovers betraying plot
Best if no words
could ever be found
So none could spread
conspiracies around


No shower needs to flow
Let your hair hang down low
Without makeup I'll not  peak
And no jammies is what I seek

Running around in your birthday suit
boy that could be a hoot
cops behind you trying to run
I bet that would be fun

I'm sure I know not what I say
for it will not go that way
Yet still we may get to see
Loveliness darting beween the trees


One to hear ones troubles
Their nice to have around
But one to spend your life with
It seems you have not found

You hold your candle High
So others will see the light
But when they get to close
You'll hide it in the night

You know I see a pattern
And handwriting on the wall
Being around a another
Wasn't meant for you at all

You helped me with people
From you, things I've learned
Like not to play with fire
So I will not get burned


One living life on the edge
of the sharpest sword
Teetering back and forth
which will they fall towards

A life of love for which few
In this world has found
Or the reality in this world
That make it go around

The playing with orher's heart
That tortures them from within
Driving us to do things
That the world calls a sin

One side of the sword
Is Broad and nobody will win
But the side of the sword
that I seek is too damn thin


Snaggle Tooth said...

Can't believe I didn"t see your words in over a mnth! I have nbot been usung a ohone for this, oly the Library.

No you can't leave words of incrimination in writing unless you want all to know... of all the trials waged on your soul.

Most folks darting unclothed about the trees are having a break with reality...or are very brave! One would be lucky, if no camera appeared with live action on Facebook....
Think before you streak!

An old lyric from a song I made:

Baby don't get burned
You think that you would learn
Not to play with things that get too hot--- SSSssssss..."

Dying by the sword may be
50 times easier
Than the pain
Given to the living
To Carry

Snaggle Tooth said...

I am still alive Ellis, I hope you are too!