August 17, 2009



This distance between us
burns deep inside of me.
Each inch seems like a mile
every second an eternity.
With looks that you're giving me
I know you can not see me cry.
You kissed me once tonight.
Was that your last good-bye?
I long to hold you in my arms
but you're pushing me away.
All I wanted was a love
strong enough to stay.
Those eyes that shined for me
now glow with a different light.
You tell me I drove us apart
I do not feel that's right.
At last now I understand
what I always should have known.
It is the other side of you
that will always make you roam.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore


Anonymous said...

Cutting. Very cutting. Yet another poignant read, Ellis.


I was going to attempt to copy your style...but I failed miserably! HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU DO THAT?!

TALON said...

Perfect, Ellis. There are those, no matter how much they love, have to roam. Makes me think of sailors heading off to sea...

Lynn said...

That is a little sad and quite poignant indeed.

ElizabethR said...

Beautiful sentiments Ellis, and beautifully done.


JamieDedes said...

Poignant ... sweet and sad ... another side of you, Ellis! Good job. I like it very much.

Jannie Funster said...

It's hard to hold a roamer indeed.

Very moving, Ellis.


Sara said...

Ellis -- I guess most of us have run into the "other side" of someone we love. This poem really hits the nail on the head about this because you can't stop someone when they have to leave.

Great job Ellis:~)

p.s. Please don't label yourself. Labels have a way of getting stuck. You don't deserve to let them stick to you:~)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Ah, the fickle cheater, that huge chasm. Betrayal of intamacy n trust- n blaming of the victim...

Roaming well captured in verse!

desk49 said...

Thank you poignant seems to show up a lot lately.

I take it and give
it to my muse.

Sometimes other things
will pull us away from what we
really need.

When one side losses to the other
there is sadness.

Thanks you’re too kind

LOL not at your reply but at the thought of what I was going to say next. How many sides is there to a fat guy. Sorry had to poke a little fun at myself.

Dreamers and Roamers
Are they not the same

I’m sitting here thinking how to reply.
You’re right you can’t stop them but would you really want to.

Well put. Thanks