August 12, 2009

Sheer Terror:

Sheer Terror:

Deep in the heart of the underbrush I sat watching from under the tree. Seeing the fear in my neighbors’ eyes, I tried not to let their sheer terror take hold of me.

They hit one of my neighbors hard already this morning. When I found him I could see he never knew where it came from. They got him right in the back. It looked as if they had used a shotgun. His poor wife must have been standing there talking to him when they made their move. She was hit numerous times her self. That look this morning on her face; I will never be able to get it out of my mine. What a mess I could hardly even look their way.

When all of a sudden I heard them, they were approaching from the East. I tried to steady my nerves, knowing this might be my only chance. Keeping both eyes peeled for any movement. I moved slowly from my hiding place trying not to make any noise.

Then out of the corner of my left eye I saw them. God, they were faster than I remembered. Before I could even think they had gotten off two rounds. I saw the white pellets flash by my face. One of them was so close its heat seared my eye lash. Quickly I turned, dropped to one knee and fired from my hip. My 357 screamed out rounds from her red hot barrel. The bullets’ giving a thump as they hit their mark. As the smoke cleared I saw one of them, it was just lying on the ground. I walked over and kicked it just to make sure it was dead. I thought to myself now let’s see that pigeon mess up another wax job.


TALON said...

oh oh! Pigeons of the world beware - DO NOT mess with the wax jobs!

I'm glad only birds were harmed in the creation of this story, Ellis ;)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the read Ellis, but did you have to use a ,357? LOL :)

Elizabeth (Ramblings)

Anonymous said...

Ooo-ooohhh... you had me until that final twist! :P

JamieDedes said...

You are just too funny. Didn't expect the end. Thanks for today's giggle!

Sara said...

Ellis -- This was great. I didn't get until the end. I first thought paint balls, but pigeons was a lot better.

This actually happened to me at a tennis event. It was a MESS. It got on my shorts and I couldn't do anything because I couldn't leave (my daughter was playing). Worse yet, I think the same pigeon actually had the audacity to beg from me:~)

Great story!!!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Sounds like a case of PTSD run amok! Caught me off haurd with the pigeons! Sounded so serious too-

Snaggle Tooth said...

doh! "guard!"

word ver: "fable" really!

desk49 said...

Sky bombers are deadly and no pigeons were hurt in the writing of this story.

The 357 does make a bigger pop. LOL

I have to ask, where were you going.

Thanks it is always better to laugh at someone else then to laugh at one’s self. (Did I say that right??)

Pant balls I did not fling
But pigeons they do sling
They seem to aim with glee
Their always firing at me

The idea was to throw a loop
So glad you fell right in.