November 4, 2009

Love Lost:

She turned and left I stood there
letting her rip the heart from my soul
her hair tossing in the wind.
I know I could not stop her
for it was I that told her to go.
Was I not man enough to say stop
Was I man enough to let her go.
I tried to make myself hate her.
Hate her? Can I hate myself?
Can I hate the air I breathe,
the sun that warms me,
or the cool night breeze?

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore


JamieDedes said...

Sometimes Love = Pain. Too sad.

Well written thought.

Happy Thursday, Ellis.

Blessings -

JamieDedes said...

Yes! We all find different. Life! We take the good with the bad and keep moving.

Lynn said...

Love and pain do often go hand in hand. Beautiful poem, Ellis.

JamieDedes said...

All things considered, Ellis, looks like we both had the same things in mind this week.

Poem on, my friend.

Happy Friday! Happy weekend.

Vodka and Ground Beef said...

I feel this way about Nancy Pelosi.

Jannie Funster said...

It hurts so to see someone go. We blames ourselves, blame the breeze, the sun, the air. But we cannot make them stay. Yet, love is always waiting somewhere, we only have to find it.


TALON said...

Oh, when we say go and the words are out there and the person leaves...and it breaks our heart...but we love them maybe more than we love ourselves...and we think we don't deserve the love...(that is what ran through my mind...)

And it is heartbreaking.

ElizabethR said...

This is beautifully written Ellis.

bschooled said...

Beautiful and sad.

I love your poems, Ellis.

ps. I also love your stories, I've fallen behind on my reading because of work (Lately I haven't had more than five minutes at a time to myself). But I'll be catching up ASAP!!!

desk49 said...

Why-why-why does it have to be that way? Love and Pain hand in hand. All the time I was growing, I was told love was Pain free. Nevertheless, I soon found out different.

November 4, 2010 10:24 AM

So true

Is it not strange we all know what pain is
but very few really know what Love is.
November 5, 2010 10:13 AM

And a happy Weekend to you too.

I know it is a shame. Now if the top dog and his underling are killed in a plane crash she won’t get to be top dog anymore.

We just have to know when to fish or cut bait.
November 6, 2010 7:56 PM

My God you have a great point.
It is heart breaking to push someone out that you don't think you’re good enough for.
Why don’t we just face the truth and realize we have low self esteem.
November 6, 2010 10:50 PM

Will thank you very much.
November 7, 2010 4:26 PM

Like I said you all are going to make my head swell like a beach ball.
So just a very humble thank you.

Jewel Allen said...

Wonderful poem, Ellis.

Short but so long on yearning.