November 25, 2009

Home work

This is my friend’s daughter homework paper.
The assignment was to trace a white blood cell through the body.
This is how she did it.


I drew my sword to evaluate it one last time. Perfect, I thought, ready for battle. The blade gleamed in the light and I smiled at its magnificence. My name is Beccalyn Nightlong, I am a white blood cell, and I am about to be sent into battle.

I whistled to call in my trusty steed, Poppy. She raced toward me like lightning, her black mane and coat glistening. I mounted along with the other knights as she reached me.

"Ready Knights?!?!" called our leader, "Let's go!!!" We all cheered as we urged our steeds forward.

Around midnight, we reached the Vein woods. They were black and creepy, and we knew the Viruses would be waiting for us. The Viruses were black knights sent by the evil Lord Bacteria to stop us from retrieving oxygen for the Kingdom of Femur. I told Poppy to be ready and tensed myself for the battle.

It happened suddenly. We were surrounded by the black Viruses. I drew my sword and fought hard.

The battle was a blur, but it was over quickly. I sheathed my sword and surveyed the damage. We had lost a few Knights, but those of us left rallied and pressed forward, straight to the Capillary River.

We were slowed slightly, and one of us drowned in the plasma, but other than that, our journey had been safe enough. We were almost to our destination, when, once again we were stopped by the viruses.

I drew my sword, stabbed one, and it evaporated into nothing. I stabbed another and the same thing happened. And, so I went on stabbing, dodging, slashing, ducking, swaying; until the battle was over. The Viruses had been defeated, and our path to the Inferior Vena Cave was clear.

We rode into the tunnel one by one, smiling. We had made it to Heart Castle. We slipped through the Right Atrium into the Left Ventricle and on the Semi-Lunar Valve, where we retrieved oxygen and passed it on to the Red Blood Cells to carry back to the Kingdom of Femur.

"Well Knights," our leader called, "the journey was hard, but we made it! You all fought well!"

We all cheered as we remounted, and prepared for the journey home. Our mission was fulfilled!


Age 13, GRADE 7TH


Snaggle Tooth said...

Suddenly I'm having Robinhood n King Arthur flashbacks...
"Inferior Vena Cave" lol (vena Cava)
A 13 year old genius to be sure!
(I'm 1st!)

Snaggle Tooth said...

i hope dinner was salvaged after your nap! I just had my turkey after work 3 qm
Happy Thanks after-day!

desk49 said...

Yes-quite cleaver of her.
I stayed awake and we ate at about three to. LOL at the after day.

TALON said...

Very creative and so well written! Please tell Beccalyn that she has real talent. This makes white blood cells into heroic beings! Quite an accomplishment!

desk49 said...

I gave her the blog sight.

Blue Bunny said...

oh my goodniss. she haz mutch imaginashins!!

and my jannie sayed she went to the herst castil one tiem, but i nevir seen the pictures yet.

hops you had a good thanksgivving?

wit loves from me,



Lynn said...

Wow - what a remarkable response to that assignment. I hope that creativity continues!

JamieDedes said...

Kudos to here. Really, really awesome and truly engaging.

How nice of you, Ellis, to post it. Supportive and kind.

Happy post-Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your weekend! :-)

Count Sneaky said...

Very interesting telling of the story of blood. It has a special interest for me since I have a blood disorder called Polycythemia Vera and that means I make too many red blood cells, oops, I mean Red Knights, so, I have to go every so often and give blood to keep the red blood count closer to normal. Otherwise I would not have enough White Knights. But, I like your version much better. Keep up the good work my young 13-year old writer. Count Sneaky

Arts web show said...

Wow, brilliant.
Such innovation in a story.
I'm impressed

bschooled said...

Wow! It makes me a little sad that a girl less than half my age has better writing skills than I do!

desk49 said...

To All:
Thank you all for the nice reply’s to her writing skills.

BB: Yes she does.

Lynn: I think once she saw her thoughts take shape on paper she’ll be hooked as a writer.

Count: I’ll make sure I copy and paste it to her.

Jamie: Your hurting my rep as being a mean old man. Kind indeed.
I'm sure she'll like yoru reply.

Arts: She'll like your comment. Thanks

Bschooled but I still love you. Even if your old and can't write. I still think you’re funny as he**. LOL sorry BS the devil made me do it. We know you can write.

Sara said...

I loved this!!! What a great way to tell about white blood cells. She is very creative. This would be wonderful to share with children when they're sick, especially since in serious illness, it's helpful when the sick person envisions the white cells fighting...I can see this story has a children's book.

Tell her very well written:~)

desk49 said...