August 10, 2011

Tears for tomorrow:

Tho, life entered
into their view
Eyes close
to what’s seen
Mind’s give
no thought
Lips held tight
in silence
Yet we
scream from within
Know us,
for who we are
Life passed on
No one remembered


Lynn said...

Oh - that's so sad, Ellis! Beautifully written.

Where ya been?

Sara said...


I like this one. This is very visually powerful poem. I can see "lips held tight in silence..."

It's so good to have you writing again. YEAH...Ellis is back in the house:~)

Hey, if you can on Monday, stop by. I have someone doing a guest post. She's very young and relatively new to blogging. I want to give her as support as I can:~)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Who wants to be forgotten? Not me!

We shouldn't forget those who sacrificed for us all either... Like the seals n special ops who got shot down last week n just got brought home.

Thanks for the intense poem

ElizabethR said...

Ellis, I agree with Lynn. It's so sad yet also beautiful. It gives one lots to think on. May we never be those who close their eyes and hold their tongues when another is in need.

TALON said...

This could apply to so many different people, Ellis, (and groups of people)...and it's sad because some definitely do not have a voice (and speak the loudest when they are no longer here).

desk49 said...

Here and there
to and frow
back and forth
for in my heart
I ask myself
the same question

LOL back in the house
Yet I'm not sure
retirement is all new
to me

Snaggle Tooth:
forget not
yet remember not too
for some wish
to keep within
the pits of their
own minds hell

At what point
do we know
the differents between
those that ask for help
and those that ask for help

Yes so many groups
stand before us screaming
and which ones must we not hear

Busana Muslim said...

Thank you for taking the time to write on this topic.