September 25, 2011

Too Late:

No sword or quill
Or words whispered
Upon bent knees
Or silent thoughts
Will one know the truth
Within thy own heart
For in the darkest folds
Lies truths forgotten by us
But we’ll remember
After this life is no more
For they’ll be written in blood
On pages of pure white


ElizabethR said...

So glad to see you posting poems again Ellis. I especially love those last two lines.

Well done,

Lynn said...

Wow - Ellis. That is so powerful and beautifully written. Good to see you in print again.

Snaggle Tooth said...

TG it's not too late too get another Ellis poem! I've missed reading your deep brain work!

I do hope we realize truth upon our death transition- n find out the true point of all this.
Would be nice to be forgiven n a chance to clear up that which it's too late for also!
Hopefully I'll not leave having forgotten to aplogize for whatever I've done wrong, either!

desk49 said...

Thanks meager thoughts trying to see my own soul.

Thangs are fin with me.
I have to thank Elizabeth for her poem which brought out mine.

Snaggle Tooth:
Sorry for LOL
deep brain work
One has to have a brain first.

Sara said...

Are you still checking comments. I miss you:~)

Where's that special special man
Who wrote his poems with a plan
They marched together in a rhyme
Always giving me a such a fun time:~)

I think of you. I hope you'll start writing again.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are enjoying life where ever you are hiding Desk49

Sara said...

Just stopping to wish you and your family a happy holiday. I hope your new year brings you what you need:~)

Sara said...


I always check in...just in case you've returned and I missed you.

I hope your 2012 brings you what you need and what you want:~)

Sara said...


I was so excited to see your comment at Lynn's site. I rushed over here hoping you were back writing your wonderful poetry, but it was not to be.

I miss you. Come back! I need a hit of an Ellis poem. BTW Talon's back and so is Alien Ghost. Please consider returning:~)

desk49 said...


Jamie Dedes said...

Yes! I think we will remember, whether in blood or not.