March 31, 2015


Feet tread across swelling grass
Nose misting gentle breeze
Trees seed in hope of life
Cool nights hold to its dreams

Sunshine warms water deep
Sound of light wakes your sleep
Spinning winds shake your soul
Birds sing of things yet told

Youth no thought to things around
Ancient lives will never keep
The dead below shall always rest
Tomorrow is just another day

March 18, 2015

A Ribbon We Call Time

Time made by man from beginning
Never ending like space and numbers
Unforgiving worlds of infinite
Where are we upon this line
We have drawn in the sand
A speak so small only God can see
Yet we prance about as if nothing
Before us or after will be so grand
Shouting our glory thinking
Heaven should bow before us
Tho my words speak from within
I know I too stand alongside man
Being nothing but a speck of dust
Upon this ribbon we call time