March 31, 2015


Feet tread across swelling grass
Nose misting gentle breeze
Trees seed in hope of life
Cool nights hold to its dreams

Sunshine warms water deep
Sound of light wakes your sleep
Spinning winds shake your soul
Birds sing of things yet told

Youth no thought to things around
Ancient lives will never keep
The dead below shall always rest
Tomorrow is just another day


Lynn said...

Love that line "Birds sing of things yet told"

TALON said...

Oh, yes, Spring is in our hearts (if not in our gardens!!) :)

desk49 said...

and will the birds ever tell?

So very very true
it is not a date
a time man sets
a speak on the wall
it’s in our hearts
our minds, our souls
it comes before and after
our fall (LOL)

Sara said...

Wow. I love that you're writing again. There's something soft about this poem. I loved the first line. It made me think of the times I've walked barefoot in grass:~)

Happy day to you!

desk49 said...

Soft you say
of spring and dew
of grass green toes
and losted right shoe
the fear of death
that few might see
the youth won't look
yet it will someday be

Snaggle Tooth said...

Today I spied a patch of moss
starting to green below dead grass.
It won't be long for
Warmth to brighten our hearts-
N take away the dreary
Way of winter.

In the spring,
we can find
the loved one's
Once more