June 17, 2015

Ravings of a Mad Man:

“Should I start out with once upon a time, not long ago or even just back then?” Desk49 looked down at his keyboard. “Great I have to write a story and have nothing running between my ears today.”

“Why do you keep taking on these writing challenge Ellis is not here to help us.” Bill said in the middle of a big stretchy yawn.

“You think Ellis is the only one of us that can put two words together and make a story out of it, don’t you,” Desk49 yelled at Bill. “Stop trying to go back to sleep I need you and Muse to help me with this challenge. I can do the poetry by myself but I need help to come up with a new idea.”

Bill looked down at the keyboard. “Desk49 what about Boyokie? With Ellis mad at us and not coming out he might be our only hope.”

“Boyokie, are you nuts. The last time we let him alone on the computer he wrote a story about some time loop and told everyone I did it.”

“I thought you just wrote one about some trip down South on a train and a time loop?”

“Not that one. You remember the one where the guy was in a Bank and his watch stopped.”

“God not that one. That was the dumbest story I ever read. Desk49 if you try and write something like that I’ll take the use of our right hand away until after the challenge is over.”

“Fine get Boyokie but if Sara kicks us out of her blog I won’t speak to the rest of you all for a year. Stop smiling. I mean it. What do you mean you want me to cross my heart and spit on a toadstool? No wonder they lock us up, you guys are nuts.”

Shaking his head Boyokie wiggles his fingers. “What on earth have you three been up too?”

“Desk49 over there took on a challenge in Sara’s’ blog and is trying to come up with an idea for a story. We thought you might have one but nothing way out there in never-never land.”

“You guys remember what the Doctor said. The next time he finds me out, he is going to lock all five of us up again. Either get Ellis or just forget the challenge. Wait have you three read what you’ve already written? Just give this a name and turn it in. You could call it, {Ravings of a Mad Man}. Ha Ha Ha bye.”

“Desk49 you know Boyokie might have something there?”

“I think your right less do it. Hay Bill I think we’d better sing all our names to it.”

“Whatever, stop laughing muse you’re not getting your name on it.”

Desk49/Boyokie/Bill/Ellis and Muse

“There Muse your name is on it now so quit crying you’re getting on my nerves.” 
“Bill! Muse! Stop fighting I have other blogs to read.” 

June 8, 2015


Rules controlling, suffocating lives
life is not rules but things changing.
Moving about us here and there
as does the wind going to and fro.

We are blinded by our own sight
so bright it keeps us in darkness.
We have yet to hear because
we tell ourselves not to listen.

Few will know what they’ve missed
as they follow along blindly as sheep.
Break away from their tight grip
to find that, which was never hidden.

I have to thank

For being my muse a reply to her blog