June 8, 2015


Rules controlling, suffocating lives
life is not rules but things changing.
Moving about us here and there
as does the wind going to and fro.

We are blinded by our own sight
so bright it keeps us in darkness.
We have yet to hear because
we tell ourselves not to listen.

Few will know what they’ve missed
as they follow along blindly as sheep.
Break away from their tight grip
to find that, which was never hidden.

I have to thank

For being my muse a reply to her blog


Lynn said...

I'm not too fond of rules either, yet I am a slave (of sorts) to them. :)

desk49 said...

Rules were set by others
to make you the person
they think you should be

Nilanjana Bose said...

Thank you, am floored!

I'm okay with rules, so long as I can break a few once in a while :~)

desk49 said...

it was your post
Your welcomed
Thanks for dropping by

Snaggle Tooth said...

Some folks live
to break all the rules-
I think I know
which ones are bad...

Chaos ensues
without any rules-
I try to follow
God ones for good.

desk49 said...

nice to see you drop by
with all you have going for you.
Have a great day