December 22, 2015

God Bless The U.S.A.

If you can’t get a birth certificate in Hawall or Montana or Thai
You can be the president and no one will dare ask why
You can borrow more money than the county will need
Then not pay any of it back so a war you will see

You can go anywhere on vacation for millions at a time
Then tell ones on Social Security, to stand in a welfare line
Get your insurance from them for dollars on the dime
And go see their witchdoctor because yours has resigned

He is telling all his brothers that are fighting overseas
To come here without visa’s they can sneak in free
He’ll take all the guns out of Americans hands
So they can turn all this county into Muslim land

December 11, 2015

Beyond starry skies:

I look back at this world from beyond starry skies
Past time itself, to see not one living thing
All of us gone, never to return
Man’s voice silenced by eternal winds
No marks did he leave upon this hallowed ground
To let others know he was even there
Still we thinks what we leave behind,
Will encase our souls forever as Gods
We look out there and see worlds of color rings
Spinning left and right with polar clouds of greens
We tell ourselves yes we could live there, and
Turn it to into another dying planet like the one 
we now live upon and dream again of other worlds

December 2, 2015

The days before Christmas:

The days before Christmas in my house I sat
The wife and kids left me, I was a drunken mess

No money I have, no food could I steal

My meth lab broken, my bail unreal

Out the window I saw that bunch next door

New boat and cars, oh how me they ignored

Patting my gun, hell those weirdos I’ll fix

I’ll take all their money; I’ll rob them for kicks

Out the back door I went low cross the lawn

Crawling under that boat, I was moving along

Busting through their door we were all quite surprised

They were green aliens with huge fiery red eyes

The little ones started smiling with yellow toothy grins

Oh my God, what have I went and got myself in

My scream was heard way down the block
No I begged, as they through me into their crock-pot