April 4, 2016

Insanity of a Sane Man

As I walk in the shadows
Deep within my own mind
I hear voices screaming at me
Telling me what I’ve done
I thought none know, but do they
Is it their voices I hear screaming
In those dark crevices of time itself
Are any of these things even real
Or do I just wish they were so
Those things held in check by fear
Of God and man’s written law
Laws binding me with ropes of shame
So I’ll only do their will, not my own
An yet I still hear those voices
Screaming at me in this silence
As I walk in the shadows
Deep within my own mind


Lynn said...

I think we've all got some insanity in us.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Let not the fools in April
Enter your judgement's eye
Sanity may only be
A figment of your mind...

Perhaps we need the looney
to be creative-
We all have screaming skeletons
we'd like to take back n un-do...

desk49 said...


And we all say not me but point our finger at others and say They do.