June 23, 2016

Pass By

Sitting here watching
Others rushing round
I care not what they’re doing
Or what they think they found

Someday I might wonder
Where they all came from
But why should I care
Doing nothing is more fun

Why is death clinging
At me instead of you
I beg I’m not ready
I have much more to do

Death smiles down at me
Don’t let those eyes cry
Because you just sit there
And let life pass you by

June 5, 2016

Last Thoughts:

Pain excruciating pain
Screams exploding in my head
Voices in the dark whispering
Laughter echoing to and fro
Icy hands touching me,
Where am I, who am I,
Is anyone there, none reply
This darkness is choking me
The pain gone, screaming silenced
Whispers just white noise far away
Nothingness is engulfing me
God is this my eternity