June 23, 2016

Pass By

Sitting here watching
Others rushing round
I care not what they’re doing
Or what they think they found

Someday I might wonder
Where they all came from
But why should I care
Doing nothing is more fun

Why is death clinging
At me instead of you
I beg I’m not ready
I have much more to do

Death smiles down at me
Don’t let those eyes cry
Because you just sit there
And let life pass you by


Snaggle Tooth said...

I hope these aren't your last thoughts, but that those are more about what was worth it for you here-

I don't bemoan life passing me by, mostly I just want all those high n mighty folks to leave me alone to relax!

I'm still trying like hell to do more artwork before my time is up- Pretty much think my kids will toss out most of what i did- so need more keepers somewhere.

You have quite a long writing legacy in my head, you know! You always will-

desk49 said...

Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...
Ellis, I'm feeling much the same way this week, n feel pulled around by everyone, tho I don't want to do things.

Luckily death isin't biting at me yet, tho age does bring that possibility closer. Going to the doctor n being told it's coming soon is way worse on the brain than not knowing. I'm avoiding the medical folks now!
Sometimes, just being alive is enough!
Anything to celebrate about being alive is good.
Much of what folks worry about is non-sense n foolish, I think so too. Sorry I'm not thinking in verse today-
Glad to see you posted, I was a bit worried!
Yay - you are still here, if unenthusiastic...

June 23, 2016 at 3:43 PM Delete

desk49 said...

How did I post this twise??

Will Snaggle your right to much things for us to do then sitting around wating for death to just hall us off.

As you can see I moved your other post here and will go delete the other one.

Thanks for dropping by