July 16, 2016


As we walk in the light
Our souls cling to us like shadows
Always hiding from the sun
Like our shadows, they run free
In the dark of night where we
Think neither God nor man can see
What hides deep within our souls
Telling ourselves tomorrow we’ll
Again be purified by the light
Yet we hide our shadow behind us
So no light can touch it and others
Cannot see what lies within
As we creep into those crevices
Our blacked souls will
someday overpower us forever


Snaggle Tooth said...

The young folks at work always think they are so much better than other older people- Been putting up with so many superior attitudes there... No one knows what lies within n that I think of slapping some sense into them!...

desk49 said...


And so we go on.
Searching for the light
that hides from us.
Yet it is our own
shadow we must find.

Snaggle Tooth said...

May the light find you Ellis!
Make shadow puppets!