July 20, 2016

Is All Lost:

As I write upon this page
What is running through my head
I wonder will anyone understand
Will these words be lost or read

Like the sand on an oceans shore
That just washes out with the tied
Are my words here like that sand
Will man and God watch them die

Maybe someday, some poor soul
Will trip upon those grains of sand
If they read them with their heart
They will cry for their fellow man

What was long ago, is true today
To keep my soul from the pit I dread
I try to write and hope you’ll read
what is running through my head


Snaggle Tooth said...

At least you shared with folks in here,
even if about death they don't want to hear.
Your soul is here
If they want to know
About where
They too must go!

I will find all these imbedded things you hid...

desk49 said...


Less and less people are showing up.
Most of the others are gone.
I too will some day will fade away.

Please don't look with in my mind
It's to dark a light you'll need.