July 26, 2016

Preach On:

You think you’ll walk
On streets of gold
And in the fiery pit
I will walk below

No more will you
Feel the pain
But the truth is in hell
Your blood will rain

Those Demons teeth at
Your flesh will rip
And only screams will
Come from your lips

Fingers you pointed at us
The demons will devour
And you’ll burn forever
In that raging fire

Preach on that soapbox
With all your might
But your soul is still
As black as night

Tell me not how
To save my soul
For you lost yours
A long time ago

Go tell everyone
About you I have lied
Yet you know on
Your back a demon rides


Snaggle Tooth said...

There are so many of those, too! Like at the conventions this week... n there were some at the church where I grew up too.

All should practice what they preach!

desk49 said...


it is more fun to
preach what you
don't practice