December 14, 2016

Utopian Dream: right

  A Utopian Dream I’m asked to write about
  Some perfect world I have no doubt
  A sun that shines softly every day
  There is never work only joyful play
  Love is forever, true and never dies
  To their fellow man, no one lies
  The birds sing the squirrels run free
  My God that place is not for me

  I try and write about the truth my eyes see
  Of the trials God gives us to help us be free
  Is there really a place for this Utopian Dream
  Where life is so good, there’s no bad it seems
  One’s mood won’t ever go up or down
  Where there is only smiles and never a frown
  How do you know it’s right if nothing goes wrong
  How can one sing, if just one doesn’t hum along

  Give me a break on this Utopian Dream 
  Every now and then I need to hear a scream
  I need to know my world has fallen, into a loop
  It’s in a bit of a pickle, face deep in the soup
  So give me a dream that’s as nice as can be
  But put in a demon that’ll pop out at me
  Nothing is that sweet all the blessed time
  All worlds are full of poisons vines

  Here is to show you my writings won’t stray
  This Utopian Dream post at your feet I lay

December 6, 2016

Wake up! Please wake up

Am I dreaming, to hell I’ll go
How long it’s been, I do not know
Flames burning away my flesh
Demons not letting my screams rest
The smoke is hot with embers aglow
Rivers of fire, around my body flow
Pain so great only dusty tears I cry
Is this how hell will be when I die
I wish I’d wake from this dream
My ears bursting from other’s screams
Deep down in my heart I moan
For this is now, forever my home
It seems this dream is way too real
On Potters Hill my coffin was sealed
No one came to say goodbye to me
As my body rots there for eternity