December 6, 2016

Wake up! Please wake up

Am I dreaming, to hell I’ll go
How long it’s been, I do not know
Flames burning away my flesh
Demons not letting my screams rest
The smoke is hot with embers aglow
Rivers of fire, around my body flow
Pain so great only dusty tears I cry
Is this how hell will be when I die
I wish I’d wake from this dream
My ears bursting from other’s screams
Deep down in my heart I moan
For this is now, forever my home
It seems this dream is way too real
On Potters Hill my coffin was sealed
No one came to say goodbye to me
As my body rots there for eternity


Denise Covey said...

I hardly know what to say. This is such a searing poem and it strikes the heart. These words come from an intense place and are impossible to forget.

desk49 said...

Denise Covey:
nice to see you around
yet in the writing of this
no harm came to my inter-soul
LOL I don't think so.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I had been here from the library n guess my comment got axed at the darn cut off as always ha opens there. Sometimes I want to awake from nightmares, but can not.

desk49 said...


and yet is this nightmare
at least seems real
it gives one life and
makes them feel squeal
the good the bad the in between
without the ups and downs
I'd just scream