January 13, 2017

My Soul Rest:

Red droplets of my blood
fall on the wooden floor
The rope around my neck
won’t tighten anymore

Swing in the gentle breeze
my soul now long gone
Will anyone find me hanging
I hope it won’t take long

Standing around, some will cry
yet none will know why I died
If I said that I understood
we know that would be a lie

The words I wrote upon this page
most will say, I’m not thinking right
But if they’d lived this life of mine
They too would’ve died last night

I’ve thought about what I did,
and it was for the best
Because of what I’ve done
my soul is now at rest


Snaggle Tooth said...

Or is it?

So many have done this that I know of, n most hurt so many left behind who don't understand or give them a chance to help.
My daughter's friend killed herself about a year ago now. What will her 4 kids make of what she decided to do, n will they decide to do it too? That is truelly giving up on yourself. Guess I'm not much of a quiter! Tho I have been miserable quite a lot I don't want to hurt everyone.

Lynn said...


desk49 said...

Your right they don't ask for help
and they think that is the only way out.

Thanks I just did a backup one about this one.
you've known me for a long time and like
Snaggle I'd never hurt myself. I love me to much.