March 26, 2017

They do not see:

As deadly demons wait at my door
I fear of things, that will be forevermore
Of screams roaring within my ears
Of the sins I’ve done, throughout the years
Of my flesh burning from these bones
Because of deeds that were mine alone   
Why do no others truly understand
Of the fear I have for my fellow man
They say I write about just me
But yet it is them I also see
Because in hell most of us will roam
Tho none believe it will be their home
For they say they walk the one true path
And fear not of our makers wrath
And yet on that faithful day
We’ll all beg him not to send us away
I know, I’ll only have me to blame
And they’ll point at others for their shame


Snaggle Tooth said...

Just like the prez today! No one is perfect. Still almost none are sorry for the sins, would do them again n don't think about roasting in hell fires. I wonder if those tortures exist, or if it is all imposed upon ourselves by our own guilt. The only way to find out is that one way ticket...

desk49 said...

Most eyes see only outwards and a few see inward.
Thanks for looking all around.Have a great day.

I think I'll hold off on buying that ticket.