May 24, 2017


There once was five
And now there’s four
One died and is gone
For evermore

Now there’s four
Out in the sand
Another died from
Their friend's hands

Two gazed into
Each other’s eyes
A shot ring out now
The third one died

One grinned as
The other frowned
A muffle scream of pain
As one hit the ground

Now there was just me
No more could I’ve done
As down the barrel
I looked into the gun

And now there’s none
For friends we’ll always be
As we’re together now
Forever in eternity


Snaggle Tooth said...

I hope the one can hang in there

until God calls to final duty!

Sad to lose buddies,

but grand what the war wins...

Remember the good too...

Happy Memorial Day Ellis!

Lynn said...

Oh mercy!

desk49 said...

Thanks you two.
Snaggle and Lynn
I thought this was
the best love poem
I have written
tho few that read it
saw a love so great
they could not live
with out all five
friends being there.

Silly me cry's every time I read it.

Thanks again

Snaggle Tooth said...

Hope you had a good Independence Day!