May 1, 2017

The Abyss:

What is this depression
that tugs at my very being?
Like invisible strings attached
to my heart, trying
to drag it into the darkest
pits of my very soul.
Taking away all
understanding of happiness.
Trying to rip me from the only
light that keeps me sane.
Wrapping me tightly in chains,
in an ocean of emotional feelings.
This overwhelming pain in my heart,
that's begging me to surrender.
Telling me it will set me free
from all these burdens.
Still I see no silver lining
shining down on me.
Only dark clouds blocking
that one sliver of light.
Yet I stand here asking, why?
Is this self-question my only hope
To turn this despair around.
Or will nothing change?
Until one of those faithless days,
I throw myself into that abyss.


Snaggle Tooth said...

I was here, yet my comment flew into the black abyss!!!
Sorry you didn't see it, n I don't remember it...

desk49 said...


That is okay Thanks for dropping by.
and watch out for those abyss

Snaggle Tooth said...

It was about a "blue Hole" in the water somewhere I recently saw on tv. Where a sinkhole under the water next to an Island is a place divers hold their breath n go for time records! Of course now I'm not out of time to think so I can!