October 17, 2017

Satan's night out:

This night be dark
Our moon is full
My master Satan
Has all his tools

His tongue was sharpened
With words to please
For your soul he’ll
Take from thee

We demons roam
Both far and wide
On this his most
Hallow night

Dress up like
What you are
For your now
In his back yard

I hear screams
From those who didn’t
Heed my pleas
Now we demons feed

          Jack looked at the note Raven had passed him:  I need to talk to you. For God sake please meet me in back of Saint Mary’s before the party. 

          Great. I go out with her one time a month ago and now she thinks she owns me. Why in the hell did I let the guys talk me into dating her?  “She likes you, Jack.” “She is easy.” “She’ll date anyone.”  Just then a piece of paper hit me. What the hell! Is this note day or something?  I unfolded it was from Bill.  Locker room after class.

          I followed Bill through the Locker room door and before the door could even close he shoved me against the wall.

          Bill had fire in his eyes and started yelling. What have you done? Do I have to lead you around everywhere by the hand like some little kid?  JoAnn just told me Raven is pregnant.  Don’t you know what a fucking rubber is? The morning after pill?  Shit, you’re the number one goalie in the state and I’m the number one defender.  Do you think R.O.U. will pay you extra to be toting a kid around?  Much less a wife.  She is going to have her hand so deep in your pocket.  You do remember what the R.O.U. scout said?  The two of us- not you, not me, not one without the other. Fuck, just stay away from me you, ass hole. Bill stomped out of the locker room.

         What in the hell is he so worked up about?  Shit, it’s not like her kid couldn’t be anyone of the guys on the soccer team.  I know I was not the first or the last.  I’ll tell her she it’s my word against hers.  Everyone in town knows what kind of girl she is.  They would never believe her over me.

          Raven could see Saint Mary’s across the street.  She had put on her nicest dress.  She wanted Jack to be as happy for her as she was.  She had always wanted a baby and why not Jacks baby.  For years she had a crush on him.  She know he lived and breathed soccer.  That is all he would talk about in school.   She would not take that away from him.  They could live together at the dorm then after he got out of R.O.U. they could get married.  No one needed to know but him.  Some of the girls keep asking her. They didn’t know.  All she told them was she was going to live with a sick Aunt up north for the rest of the school year.  She thought she saw Jack wearing the devils costume.  She kissed her father goodbye and started across the street.

          Bill watched her go behind the church.  Hell, Bill and Jack have been friends for too long to let some slut come between them.  When he got home he’d call Jack and tell him what he needed to do so Raven would never bother them again.  If Jack just had the balls to do it she would never tell a soul whose kid it was.  Bill took his little brothers hand and started up the sidewalk to Raven’s house he heard it was going to be one hell of a party tonight.

          Raven saw Jack over by the Oak tree. When she placed her hand on his shoulder he spun around and placed his hand over her mouth pulled out a large knife and with all his might he sunk it as deep as he could into the tree next to her head.  Now tell someone whose baby you think it is.  Then Jack turned and walked away.

          Crying uncontrollable, Raven slid down the tree.  Raven turned her head just enough to watch Jake walk away.

           “Are you okay, young lady?” a soft voice asked Raven. 

          Raven looked up and saw a three foot tall person dressed like a lawn gnome.  “Do I look okay?  The father to my baby just tried to kill me.  I hate him I wish he was dead.”

          The Gnome looked at her.  “Would you give even,” then he smiled and leaned in closer and whispered something in Ravens ear.

          “Yes, even that!” Raven cried.

          Jacked had just stepped out into the street when he heard the tires squealing and felt the car hit him.  He felt something hit him in the back and his body wrapping around it with a loud crack.

          Raven’s father saw the whole thing even Jack hit the fireplug.  From the way his head hit his feet he knew the young man’s back was broken and he was dead before he slid to the sidewalk.  Raven father ran down the steps to check on the man and his shoulder hit someone.  Bill flew backwards off the steps and landed on his back in the flower bed.  Bill started coughing up blood. He looked down to see one of Ravens Garden Gnome’s head sticking out of his chest looking back at him.

          Raven stood up and started laughing.  Jack got what he deserved.  All she wanted was to get out of this damn town.  Now all she has to do was lie to some other dumb ass jock about being pregnant and sucker him into getting her out of here.  She heard low growling behind her and turned to see four demons within inches of her. They looked hungry and were smiling. She tried to scream but it was too late.

         You could hear laughter in the wind. “Yes not just one but all of their souls.” 

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Elephant's Child said...

Wow. Deliriously dark. Raven is much more complicated than they knew...

Nilanjana Bose said...

Very satisfying Halloween tale. More to Raven than meets the eye. Great take on the prompt -
very dark. Like the choice of name for the character too - Raven. Well done! And Welcome back.

Pat Garcia said...

This is a sad story for me. It depicts the rottenness of the human condition as it is today in many parts of our western civilisation.

Shalom aleichem,
Pat Garcia

Pat Hatt said...

Better watch who you scorn or one may wish they were never born.

Yolanda Renée said...

Raven is one evil woman, and with Satan at her side, horrifically so, but beware the company you keep! Love the double treat, a poem and a flash!

A wonderful addition to the WEP Halloween Challenge! Thanks for participating!

desk49 said...

Child: What can I say? Deliriously dark, you make my head sway.

Bose: How sweet. Too bad Raven became those demons treat.

Dear Garcia: Sadness on Halloween night. You make an old demons heart fill with delight.

Hatt: Scorn is a good word for this night, but greed and deception was Satin delight

Renée: Raven was evil and her soul Satin earned. Demons had a feast of her for what she yearned.

Donna B. McNicol said...

Whoa!!! Dark and twisted, perfect Halloween tale.

Deborah Drucker said...

Can't take it for granted who is the bad guy. Turns out everybody is in this story. Except why did the father end up with a garden knome in his chest?

desk49 said...

McHicol: Dark and twisted live within my mind.

Drucker: Not Ravens father but Bill the guy that put Jack up the the kinfe thing. Greed he would rune Ravens life so Jack and him could get into ROU school

Olga Godim said...

Everyone is evil. Ouch! I wouldn't want to live in such a town.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Desk 49 - Raven sounds like she might survive ... but there's lots of evil there ... Halloween at its best - cheers Hilary

Lynn said...

Good and dark, Ellis!

desk49 said...

It seems I got three new
Commenting on me
I'm glad to say thinks
To each one of three

I know you saw
What you read
But Ravens father
Was not dead

She gave her soul
To see him died
Right before
Her very eyes

A simple thanks
Is all I can say
It’s been so long we've
Passed each other’s way

N. R. Williams said...

Well, that was a Halloween trick at its worse. To make garden gnomes into villains and high schooler's into prey. And poor Raven, taken advantage of when she had just gotten hurt will pay a price too. Well done.

Denise Covey - Author said...

Wow, this Raven. How did she get to be such a badass? A cool customer intent on ruining the lives of as many as she can. I'd be outta that town if I managed to drop by. Like the Satanic poem, followed by the evil tale of Raven.

Thanks desk, for joining the challenge.

Denise :-)

desk49 said...

Again there's two more
stopping by my door

The Devil does like to play
What more can this writer say

She looked so sweet
yet heart of stone
Raven and Satan's
Their deal was sewn

Snaggle Tooth said...

The gnome out front here will never look the same again! Good Halloween theme tale! N I am not even Irish! Very entertaining!

desk49 said...

Tho last yet
never forgeten
one of few
still within
my shortcuts

Supper nice to see you.