January 11, 2018


When faces smile
I see shadows
hiding in cracks
of darkness, deep
within their souls

Yet I know
I have seen
that face before
in my mirror
looking at me 


nidhi said...

Shadows of happiness they are.

desk49 said...


Shadows of pain
Shadows hiding
afard to be seen
Shadows darker than
a moonless night
Shadows we only see
in the mirror of life
Shadows owned
by the wearer

nidhi said...

The lines are deep,
Still I find my light
In the
Moonless night.

Lynn said...

We all have them.

desk49 said...


Have fun off on your vacation?
Thanks for the read.
That old mirror shows
to much of the truth

Snaggle Tooth said...

Someday I hope to smile more, when I get better teeth to smile with! Folks go nuts trying to get me to smile. I see those dark smiles also!