November 30, 2009


Dreaming of life
Dreaming of needs
Dreaming of the future
and things to be
Dreaming of hope
Dreaming of change
Dreaming of a love
with no restraints
Dreaming of adventures
Dreaming of fears
Dreaming of all children
and their tears
Dreaming of truth
Dreaming of lies
Dreaming of just you
with opened eyes

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

November 25, 2009

Home work

This is my friend’s daughter homework paper.
The assignment was to trace a white blood cell through the body.
This is how she did it.


I drew my sword to evaluate it one last time. Perfect, I thought, ready for battle. The blade gleamed in the light and I smiled at its magnificence. My name is Beccalyn Nightlong, I am a white blood cell, and I am about to be sent into battle.

I whistled to call in my trusty steed, Poppy. She raced toward me like lightning, her black mane and coat glistening. I mounted along with the other knights as she reached me.

"Ready Knights?!?!" called our leader, "Let's go!!!" We all cheered as we urged our steeds forward.

Around midnight, we reached the Vein woods. They were black and creepy, and we knew the Viruses would be waiting for us. The Viruses were black knights sent by the evil Lord Bacteria to stop us from retrieving oxygen for the Kingdom of Femur. I told Poppy to be ready and tensed myself for the battle.

It happened suddenly. We were surrounded by the black Viruses. I drew my sword and fought hard.

The battle was a blur, but it was over quickly. I sheathed my sword and surveyed the damage. We had lost a few Knights, but those of us left rallied and pressed forward, straight to the Capillary River.

We were slowed slightly, and one of us drowned in the plasma, but other than that, our journey had been safe enough. We were almost to our destination, when, once again we were stopped by the viruses.

I drew my sword, stabbed one, and it evaporated into nothing. I stabbed another and the same thing happened. And, so I went on stabbing, dodging, slashing, ducking, swaying; until the battle was over. The Viruses had been defeated, and our path to the Inferior Vena Cave was clear.

We rode into the tunnel one by one, smiling. We had made it to Heart Castle. We slipped through the Right Atrium into the Left Ventricle and on the Semi-Lunar Valve, where we retrieved oxygen and passed it on to the Red Blood Cells to carry back to the Kingdom of Femur.

"Well Knights," our leader called, "the journey was hard, but we made it! You all fought well!"

We all cheered as we remounted, and prepared for the journey home. Our mission was fulfilled!


Age 13, GRADE 7TH

November 23, 2009


We will never have our soul sealed
with lies we tell them that are real.
Not like a cat with nine lives-
you know a lie never dies.
All the little lies we try to tell-
we cover them till they grow and swell.
In all the stories we fill with lies
we lose the truth that lies inside.
We never see the tears that flowed,
in the heart of the one we turned cold.
Never again will the love be there-
this truth that we could not share.
We go on as if everything is all right-
we are at our best in the dark of night.
Little white lies that no one sees-
these lies are killing you and me.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

November 18, 2009

The Gift:

The star that shined from above so bright,
so long ago on that very special night.
Gave to three from afar hope for who they sought,
for the light of the world, gifts they brought.

Though for the one in power he was alarmed,
the wise ones left so our gift wouldn't be harmed.
He thought his throne this new one came to steal,
so in rage he sent out his men to find and kill.

Men were sitting out keeping watch in the field,
not knowing that soon their fate was sealed.
Seeing a light and hearing that song so grand,
they went to see the new ruler of their land.

With no rooms to be had throughout the town,
wrapping him in cloth - in straw they laid him down.
No one knew that night how great he would be,
but he turned out to be a savior for me.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

November 16, 2009


Her innocence was stolen
in the blink of an eye.
The love for her husband
would quickly die.
Week after week she lived
in turmoil and strife.
It was not long she started
worrying for her life.
After she found that deep
inside of him evil lurked.
She still tried her best
to make their marriage work.
Though she cried for her husband
that cold lonely night.
There was nothing left in her
but tears and fright.
Someday she will find
someone her love will steal.
As for now she knows
her heart will have to heal.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

November 11, 2009

The Wedge:

Is my heart
as dark as night
full of hate,
gloom and fright

No small glow has
shone from within
or given love,
To foe or friend

Have I done
anything at anytime
to change this
black heart of mine

It helped me drive
between us this wedge
Is this cold heart,
of mine now dead?

November 9, 2009



You gave me a glimpse of something grand.
You made me more than just a man.
You shine a light on my life so dark.
To heal a place in my aching heart!
To have your words wash my tears away.
To feel such love! From you each day!
I longed for things until I was very sad.
I wish for them, so I thought I was bad.
I felt foolish for dreaming, dreams of love.
Is our love going to fit me like a pair of gloves?
Is your love really beyond my wildest dream?
Is it as hopeless for me as I made it seem?
Why did I rate your love for so long?
Why did I not wake up and find you gone?
Why? Because these years you kept it strong!

Copyright ©2003 Ellis William Moore

November 4, 2009

Love Lost:

She turned and left I stood there
letting her rip the heart from my soul
her hair tossing in the wind.
I know I could not stop her
for it was I that told her to go.
Was I not man enough to say stop
Was I man enough to let her go.
I tried to make myself hate her.
Hate her? Can I hate myself?
Can I hate the air I breathe,
the sun that warms me,
or the cool night breeze?

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore

November 2, 2009


to feel your arms around me
to smell the scent of your hair
to know the touch of your lips to mine
to be in heaven for just that second
is to know eternity

Copyright ©2001 Ellis William Moore