September 1, 2009

A dream I had last night

I had a dream again
a repeat of two before
But this one I did not
dream to the end
But know what was to come
For I have dreamed the ending
in the first one but not the second
each was shorter than the one before
In all three dream all was gone
A dream of what has happened
A dream of what will be
Am I just dreaming
the same thing over
or have I lived this life before
Is this just a cosmic collection
of thought Spinning out of control
for in the dream I saw others
that also know what was to come
Have they dreamed this dream
along with me also seeing the end
They were not in the dream
I dreamed last night
yet ones that know not went on
unaware, no ending have they yet seen
Will they dream this dream again and
Someday know, what I now know
Will I not be in their next dream
Now that I know, will my thoughts
be ripped from this collection of memories
for evermore, for evermore

My muse made me write this today after the dream I had last night.
One Shot


Ben Langhinrchs said...

What are you snacking on late at night? What a wild and wooly dream/poem. I liked how you echoed the dreamy confusion of a just-woken-up state.

Feel free to come over and check out my poem, Just a Farmer, and let me know what you think.

Jannie Funster said...

As kids my brother and I once dreamed the exact same dreams. So we thought and so I recall.

I think you should be prepared for a very good ending to the cosmic collection, Ellis!


Brian Miller said...

do we share dreams and do some of us know more...hmm...intriguing the knowing are we now seperate...what if we found them and could tell them...i wonder. you got me pondering...nice one shot!

Lynn said...

Something to think about, Ellis. I love dreams (if they are pleasant.) :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... sounds like your dreams have gone into syndication, Ellis. Hope you like reruns! :P


I always have crazy dreams...the only ones that scare me are the ones I can't remember...THEY ALWAYS TURN INTO DEJA VU'S...CREEEPY!

TALON said...

The dream state is an interesting one - make it collective and that becomes totally intriguing.

Eric Alder said...

You are wise to listen to your Muse. A dreamy poem indeed!

Sara said...

And to think I just dreamed about not getting my math homework done on time:~)

Seriously, this is well done, but complicated. I had to read this one aloud a few felt like was I was wrestling with a verbal Rubik Cube.

There's some great poetry out on the blogosphere today and this one adds to the numbers:~)

Beachanny said...

Good work here, a dream poem about dreaming which like a dream never quite completes, tracks back on itself, full of stuff that's familiar but somehow strange or incomplete. Yes you captured it and the "it" becomes metaphorical for questions unanswered, thoughts never quite completed, dead ends all through our consciousness. Excellent. Thank you.

John's comments said...

Dreams, the voice of our shadows...My poem is about goodbye.Hope your week goes well

Pete Marshall said...

what an enjoyable poem...i liked the uncertainty of not knowing what is really going on..thanks for sharing with one shot..cheers pete

kkrige said...

It sounds like the kind of dream that you cannot get out of despite purposeful wakings. Not necessarily a good night's sleep, but worthy of day ponders and a lovely poem to boot.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Interesting labyrinth of knowing n dreaming, n searching for answers to the collective consciousness-
I visited dreams of a classmate n he recalled the dream I was in the same- it was very strange. So I'm sure it's possible what you theorize.

JamieDedes said...

How wonderful ... I do indeed believe we sometimes share dreams with others ... but you ask the question and poemed it heavy with that sense of disorientation we have upon waking from a confusing dream.

Great One Shot. Thank you for enriching the experience.

ElizabethR said...

Geez Ellis, I was all set to interpret your dream! But it/they were elusive, just as most dreams are.

Who are the collective
Those dreamers at night
Sharing the ethereal
tween darkness and light
Flying and falling
near dying with fright
Who are the collective
Those dreamers at night.

Elizabeth :)

desk49 said...

It was better to talk about then dream.

The good ending to that dream was a super nova killed everything in our part of the galaxy.

Good question

Almost all of mine are of me getting very old now.

I do like reruns.

The ones that scare me are the ones I can’t make sence of.

As in real life, we never see yourself in a dreams. Therefore, what is to say, they’re not others dreams.

My muse is a holy terror most of the time I have no chose.

Yes to complicated I should have refined it a lot more before posting.

Yes like all dreams
Everything is in a mist
An unknown vapor of uncertainty

Yes it was.

Thanks I too did not know

Yes pondering the question
Of why did my muse pondered
The question in the first place.

So many things left to the unknown. I may never know the answers but I'll still be asking.

Yes it was a confusing dream.
To many whys, where forth and how’s

If I know who they were
I’d catch and tie them all down
I’d find out the skinny
with no run a rounds
Who are the collective,
the dream controllers at night
their controlling our souls
with all of these blog reply’s.

Sorry the devil made me do the last line. L.M.*.O.
You’re a bad boy desk49. Bad, Bad go to your room.
P.S. nice rhyming reply