September 14, 2009

What Is Good Poetry:

What Is Good Poetry:

I don’t understand this poetry, man
it makes me not know what to do.
Poems I write that I don’t like,
I’m given raving reviews.
Poems that I think are great,
flop like a old wet fuse.
What’s in poetry that turns people on?
Could anyone give me a clue?
Sometimes it’s love, sometimes blood,
sometimes just dying will do.
I’m starting to think it’s an inner link,
true feelings that you put through.
If I’m happy and let it show.
If I’m sad and let it flow.
If I’m mad and rant and rave,
would that make me a better poet today?
I don’t think my feelings help much
it is your feelings that I must try to touch.

Copyright ©2003 Ellis William Moore


Snaggle Tooth said...

Yes, I think you've got it.
I do really believe it's how it makes you think n feel when reading, n how the words flow n fit together in a grand puzzle-
Yet, there's no accounting for subjectivity of taste!

bschooled said...

I'm the last one who should be answering this question!

Poetry is one thing I've never been good at writing, mostly because I don't understand the logistics of it. But I know what I like to read, and your poems definitely fit in that category.:)

Jewel Allen said...

Ah, that secret formula. I know what you mean! Sometimes you put something out you think is just right, and doesn't elicit the reaction you expect. And then, when you and the reader are somehow on the same page, it's glorious!!

TALON said...

When you write from an honest place, it honestly shines through. If you write like someone is looking over your shoulder (the audience), it usually loses that authenticity. Just my feelings...

ElizabethR said...

That's a tough question Ellis. I think if you write honestly from the heart on every subject that honesty comes through and touches others.

And I don't think anyone has ever come up with the answer to, what is good poetry. That's all subject to the reader's perspective, and out of our control. That's what me tinks anyway :)

Lynn said...

Yes - that's it - all in perspective.

JamieDedes said...

Kudos, Ellis. Believe you've nailed it. Good job ...

Happy days ... Poem on, my friend.

Sara said...

I think is true of many styles of writing and not just poetry. People respond most of the time based on their own emotional reactions.

I know I've written posts that I really liked, but they didn't go over as well I hoped.

I think it's because I wrote the piece for myself and it said something special to me.

I'm sure poetry falls in that category a lot of times. It is soul writing and you do it well:~)

Wendy said...

I chuckled as I read this.

I agree with talon on this - perhaps it is why I enjoyed this poem.

I like what you're doing here - visited after reading your interesting poemments on another blog.

desk49 said...

So many things to make it work, one wonders why so many try.

Thanks for dropping by. Thanks for the pat on the back. I guess I’ll keep trying.

LOL yes but why is it we have to write a book to get one page everyone is on at the same time.

And a good feeling it is. So many things have to fit If one writes for the reader. To thy own self be true.

I thank you for what you think. Thin I thank I said it about right for you. Back in 03 I was asking myself why do I even keep writing. A Lady told me to stop asking and just write for myself. But I read to feel what the writer feels if no one reads mine, no one knows how I feel.

Catch a 22.

It’s all in a nut shell? Perspective, Seasonal. Talk about nailing a poem to the wall. My hat is off to you.

September 16, 2010 1:18 AM

LOL not at your reply but that I seem to have gotten it right. Thanks

So we write for one’s self and if they like it great, if not rats. Works for me.

September 17, 2010 12:43 PM

Will thank you. I hope I can keep you coming back.

Anonymous said...

Excellent questions, sir, and ones that I can't answer unless I take the reader into consideration. Actually, scratch that. Even if I take the reader into consideration those are questions I still can't answer! I just write and hope for the best, I guess. :P

desk49 said...

Good point