September 10, 2009

9, 11, 2001:

As the NY twin brothers fell
they sent 3000+ to heaven or hell.
With fingers pointing to and fro
if we do anything a holy war we will go.
I think we will need God on our side
if I were him I would look away and sigh.
They throw him out of all our schools
we're told to over look his golden rules.
The constitution said to separate church from state
not to teach us God was another of man's mistakes.
They say we came from a monkey not God's hand
but still I see signs saying God bless this land.
They didn't understand how the twin's fate came about
though they have records on the ones they sought out.
If you have to ask I'm 100% red white and blue
I would give my life willingly for America too.
So yes I will do what I feel needs to be done
I will pray for the families of those who died as one.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore


TALON said...

That morning...I recall exactly where I was, what I was doing, and how it horrific it felt...I can't imagine what it felt like for the families who suffered the loss felt like everyone lost something very valuable that day.

JamieDedes said...

... and we are still praying ...

bschooled said...

Like Talon, I clearly remember everything about that day, the confusion and helplessness I felt when I turned on the television. And not being American myself, I can only imagine how much worse it must have been for all of you.

Snaggle Tooth said...

A great remembrance poem for the tragic events we remember today. Good point made forwhat the Creator may think of our policies.
God Bless the lost souls!

ElizabethR said...

That's a beautiful tribute to the fallen of Sept 11 Ellis. Well said.

Lynn said...

What a day that was - planning overtime hours for my graphic designers and hearing that a plane hit the WTC. Suddenly fearful for my family in DC and not being able to get a call through - my niece escorted from her office in a building just behind the White House by a SWAT team and put out on the street. Walking home (mass transit shut down) - not knowing if her dad was OK (he worked in the Pentagon at that time, but happened to be out of the building.) Everyone in my family was OK - but so many were not. A sad and mournful day that I have never shaken.

Jannie Funster said...

This and you are awesome, Ellis!!

I love this country too. Why does the world fear freedom so?


desk49 said...

Me to. But how soon we forget and get complacent.

Yes we are.

True but if we’re not willing to lose, we will never win.

What does God think of all of us?
Does God hide his face in shame?
I don’t blame God, I understand.

Thank you

Like all things of the past. Someday we will all not remember or be afraid to remember out load.

I have not a clue.