December 7, 2009


As you glanced,
you walked through my heart.
I heard words
you never spoke to me.
You held me so softly
I could feel it.
I saw things;
my eyes would never see.
You gave my world light,
which was only dark.
Glancing I thought,
I might ask to sit.
Life engulfed us,
as fear pushed us apart.
I walked on wondering,
did I walk through your heart?

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore


Snaggle Tooth said...

wow- glances can sure feel like that- like you've always known some one n long to be closer, but yes, life pulls us away with it's clutter-
very well written, such a brief moment made eternal!

TALON said...

That sort of instant attraction is always neat when it happens. And now you've got me wondering what would have happened if you'd followed up...

desk49 said...

The fear of life of the unknown who knows why.

That is one of the questions I'm asking myself. What would have happened?? Eternal love, eternal battle. That moment in time. So many paths one might have taken.

Lynn said...

That happens now and again, yes? Lovely, as always.

... Paige said...


Meredith said...

You've captured the emotional power of a glance so eloquently, Ellis.

desk49 said...

And yet we act not
And life goes on

You have left me wounding.
As in that glance

Will thank you so.

Anonymous said...

Being a psycho magnet and knowing my luck he would be a friggin serial killer....I'm just saying!

vodka and ground beef said...

I love this one. It reminds me of one of those "Missed Encounters" in the newspaper, but it's way more romantic and elegant.

desk49 said...

Yes one never knows, till it is, too late.

A believer after my own heart. Thanks

Sara said...

Ellis -- This poem reflects what I know I have felt at different times in my life...a wondering what would happen if the glance became something more.

Then again maybe glances that this are meant to be only for a moment; a reminder of possibilities:~)

Arts web show said...

Well crafted.
It's not easy to capture one single moment.
I always have to try stop myself putting actions in.
Great poem

desk49 said...

I to think a glance is sometime not mint to follow through.

Stop from following through or force yourself to.

Jannie Funster said...

Oh, this is a treat for my heart and soul, Ellis. Just beautiful. Heard words you never spoke to me, that speaks of love so sweet and longing. I feel all swooney now.

What a lovely poem!


JamieDedes said...

Oh, I love the "you walked through my heart" ... and ... ""did I walk through your heart?" ... and not just because it's well-rounded, which of course it is. Well done, Ellis.

Thanks for keeping Jack up. I plan to go back to the beginning. I realized I came in sometime in the middle. Good for a Sunday read, huh?


Blog on...

Tweeks Coffee said...

great background!

desk49 said...

Will I’m glad you liked it. Will don’t swoon to far it might be a long walk back.

Thanks I saw that picture and the poem came to me. No problem with Jack he still has to get to the bottom of this one.

Strange blog you have. I took a peek. I saw nothing I could relate to but good luck on it.