December 9, 2009

Gold Watch:

When I was young I needed a job
so I went to this company.
I told them about myself
hoping they'd hire me.
The day I started I was told
work hard and get along.
If I did what they said
nothing would go wrong.
They are always changing the rules
there never quite the same.
I did my best those many years
trying to play their game.
I strive so hard to get to be
one of the very few.
When I put that Gold Watch on
death was all I viewed.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore


Anonymous said...

Bummer !

desk49 said...

The problem of getting old.

TALON said...

This makes me think many things, Ellis. One of them is that our best years are used up at the expense of earning a living...and that the "golden years" are a lot more tarnished than people admit...

desk49 said...

The gold is lead
silver's tin
there is nothing
left within
They buy you something
that is really cheap
and they think it,
you should keep

Lynn said...

That gold watch thing - definitely a letdown after all those years.

desk49 said...

Yet whatever we were thinking it was going to be like.

It's not

JamieDedes said...

So many feel they've been sold a bill of goods. Unfortunately, they're right. You've written well about it both in the posted poem and in your response to Talon, Ellis.

Poem on, my friend.

desk49 said...

We get so little for the price we pay.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I've been experiencing
"They are always changing the rules
there never quite the same."
at work alot lately!
Very few last long enough for a gold watch!
Now they find a way to drive you out so they can hire a newvie cheaper...

desk49 said...

Out with the old in with the cheaper, newer, younger.

Sara said...

Ellis -- This one's a bit depressing. Yet, I suppose what you said is true for many people.

desk49 said...

I say sad and depressing
things some times
forgive me not