December 21, 2009


As we went through life we tried to pick our perfect mate.
We looked for one that would make it out the starting gate.
Our friends and family try to tell us to stop, think, and see.
They ask us to ask ourselves! Is this really the one for me?
Seeking the perfect mate is like matching notes to a song.
We know this is our mate, no way our heart would pick wrong.
After all the lies they told us, hoping we would never stray.
We wonder why they would even ask, why we left that day?
We sit and ask ourselves what we might have seen in them?
Could it have been a fantasy or just another whim?
Next time we should ask if they're as perfect as they can be.
I know our blind love will say, yes, sure, of course, definitely.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore


TALON said...

It's sad that we sometimes project our own ideals onto someone and instead of actually seeing the person for who she or he really is...

Snaggle Tooth said...

Good premise about the expectations put upon us growing up- n we do tend to get very picky! Even then, there's a high failure rate.
Finding a good mate is still no easy feat-

Lynn said...

Those who have found their perfect mate are so fortunate - I know that does happen.

desk49 said...

So we try and make them into our own ideas?? Does that ever work??

Then our standers are set to high at youth??

Was it ordained so or did they both change to make it so??

Anonymous said...

Blahahahahaha Desk 49, you should see the horrors I have brought home to meet mom and dad. Their faces...priceless.

JamieDedes said...

Oh, my goodness. Such a lesson we all have to learn and so heard. Here - poeming in much the same mind as you -

At this point, I love that old Maurice Chevalier son:
"I'm so glad ... that I'm ... not ... young .... anymore ........" :-)

desk49 said...

No mother or father will like what their little girl brings home. Then again some might go overboard just to see that priceless look.

desk49 said...

Why is the lesion hard?
Why can’t we get it right?
Why do some do it over and over?

ElizabethR said...

Love truly is blind. Even when you find that perfect mate it doesn't mean they are perfect. :)

desk49 said...

Then what hope is there to find that one.