February 3, 2010


She has a moat around her house,
how deep does that water flow?
Is it there to keep one out?
You have two moon’s in the sky,
will they cry out to warn you?
Is that why you tried to hide?
That one-way bridge is so very thin,
does it keep track of who comes in?
Is it yes, then how long has it been?
A house without windows high/low,
how, oh how, can you ever hope to grow?
Is this why your heart is healing so slow?

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore


TALON said...

A fairytale, dreamy and sad quality to this one, Ellis. I hope someone can get in...she would be lonely I think.

desk49 said...

Yes is was a bit lonely this picture I came across. It remained me of the people that lock themselves up in their own mind.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Are you talkin' 'bout me???
Can't be, I don't have 2 moons... oh-
perhaps Rapunzel is hiding there.
Heart healing slow-
That certainly must be why!
Nifty poster art too!

Count Sneaky said...

To steal a line from Phillip K. Dick:

"Flow My Tears Into the Moat..."

JRM said...

Great imagery! Not just in picturing the castle, but in also picturing the girl.

Sara said...

I like the magical touch with this poem. It makes think of fairy tales, which don't always end happily.

Well written...you write poetry that is fun to read aloud. I know I've said this before, but it needs repeating:~)

Anonymous said...

People with moats are usually trouble, stay away !

Jannie Funster said...

Umm, castle has always been one of my favorite words. And to see it in a poem so fine is a delight!

And moat is a favorite word of mine too.

LOVED this, Ellis.


desk49 said...

Snaggle Tooth:
I could have sworn I posted a reply to you Snaggle.
We tend to build castles and moats when we’re hurt.

Count Sneaky:
Are we alive or are we dead we wrote we were dead but we were alive. Not a true quit but close “Phillip K. Dick” I’ve asked myself since the movie “Are we”

Too many castles out there, too many.

Yes it is fun to tie up ones tongue when is trying to read. LOL

Their hurting for some reason. So stay away OR? (I’ll leave the {or} to you)

Jannie Funster:
Glad you liked it. I hope someday you never build your castle from mirrors.

Meredith said...

Everyone has a moat, I think. The question is just how often they let that drawbridge down. Great imagery, Ellis!

bschooled said...

I loved this so much I read it three times, Ellis. So sad, yet I bet many people can relate.

(I hope this comment goes through!)

desk49 said...

Good point Thanks for dropping by.

Three wow thanks. P.S. it got through.

JamieDedes said...

Lovely poem. Some of us do lock ourselves up in prisons of our own making. Wise, Ellis.

Poem on ...

desk49 said...

Prisions or Castles will we ever give up the keys?

I'm LOL at that last part. I'm thinking you forget the @$$ after wise

ElizabethR said...

Ellis I love those last two lines. They are powerful. How does one hidden behind a moat ever grow or heal? They can't.

desk49 said...

Thanks The more we hide within ourself the less we will heal (or slower)