February 10, 2010


Only time will tell then it is too late.
Will I stand at the pearly gates?
Will I have to clean the stars?
Will I have rags and gas filled jars?
Will I be nothing but a pile of dust?
Will I have no thoughts, is this just?
Every thing I thought and learned,
will be nothing but dust in an urn.
I ask my God for his forgiving nature.
I'm hoping for a life in his hereafter.

Copyright ©2002 Ellis William Moore


Lynn said...

I'm hoping for that, too, Ellis. :)

TALON said...

Being the caretaker to the stars is an amazing image - I can see someone giving them a spit and a polish...

desk49 said...

I kind of like the idea of hoping from star to star.

Yep my luck gasoline and a rag. Here you go desk49 now get to polishing.

Count Sneaky said...

Yes, cleaning the stars is a great image.
Would this be punishment or reward?
Probably, I'll have to sweep up stardust
near the sun in the Summer.

Anonymous said...

Nice poem, beautifully written. It's kinda scary to think about, really. You must have won or been published, or both, which any way you look at it is a win. I did one once in a similar vein, but w/o the refinery. It's the 3rd poem if you want to see...

Anonymous said...

Hey if you get there first do you mind putting in a good word for me? Thanks!

desk49 said...

Count Sneaky:
But you’d get around to seeing it all some day

I’ll go take a look. Thanks

I’ll let you hold the gasoline for me.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I thought you were gonna toss Movtov coctails if you didn't get in! lol
I think we all have that aspiration

desk49 said...

Snaggle Tooth:
No then I'd probably have to go into the sun and check the core, if I throw things at heaven.

JamieDedes said...


Love the picture of you hopping from one star to another with your rag and some 409. TeeHee -

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours, Ellis!

Poem on ...

desk49 said...

Just think of what I'll get to see. Thanks and a happer red heart to you too.