February 24, 2010

Old Friend:

Oh great southern pine out in the yard
with needles falling from your hands
She planted you before starting our family,
now look at you there so strong and proud
Your arms out stretched,
trying to keep the morning sun off my windowsill
Standing there against the wind and rain,
holding back the snow that tried to hurt our home
You sent her pine cones so she could decorate
They made our Christmas tree come alive
A nest of mocking bird in your branches,
their songs fill the air along with your sweet scent of pine
I watch the moon through your branches, its silver light
brings back memories, of the dreams we sheared
Now you branches hang low, so the kids can take a few,
to make a wreath for her grave, because you loved her too

Copyright ©2002 Ellis W. Moore


TALON said...

Do you have tissues handy, Ellis? I think I need a box or two...

(This reminds of the beautiful blue spruce that was an anniversary gift from my parents at mine and hubby's first home. It's still there - growing stronger and prouder every year and we always visit it when we are in that city...)

And the word verification is "fruitest" - sort of appropriate for the tree :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Awww- There are a few trees I planted too. Not that tall yet tho- Fir n Spruce, 16 n 27 years old now.
There's a pine at the house I grew up in- n at the beginning we used to leap-frog it! Now it's over the roof- I don't get there often.
I do love trees! I wonder if they love me back...

desk49 said...

I have a clean T-shirt if you need it for your eyes.
It is nice to visit an old friend.
I went by my old home in the city and it is now a junkyard.

Snaggle Tooth:
I’m sure trees have feelings too.

Lynn said...

Oh - that ending got me!

I drove by my grandparents' home (sold 20 years ago) a couple of years ago and it was gone. Just an empty lot now, full of weeds. But the huge pecan tree that commanded the back yard was still there. And a lone jonquil bloomed in the front yard area.

desk49 said...

Time changes slow for some fast of others.

Sara said...

This one made my eyes tear. It's a very touching poem about the connection between people and nature.

I have two pine trees in my back yard that my kids planted. They were just about a foot high when put in the ground. Now, you have really look up to see their tops.

Well written, Ellis:~)

desk49 said...

Thanks I do think people and plants can have a bound.