March 3, 2010

I Don't:

I don't want to be any kind of ranger.
I don't want to put up with danger.
I don't want to be a Blitz Pig.
I don't want to dance a jig.
I don't want to fight all night.
I don't want to count the dead at daylight.
I don't want to be a flyboy.
I don't want to be some girl's toy.
Toy pig, flyboy jig, night ranger, and daylight danger.
I don't want to see an in coming scud.
I don't want to die in a puddle of blood.
I don't want to hear a boom that's loud.
I don't want to see a mushroom cloud.
I don't want to know how bad is my timing.
I don't want to see the death toll climbing.
I don't want to this war go.
I don't want to live far below.
Loud scud, climbing blood, timing cloud, and go below.

Copyright ©2003 Ellis William Moore


TALON said...

I don't want you (or anyone I know) to have to deal with any of that. I'd never heard of Blitz Pig before and I don't think I want to know what it is...

How sad to think how many have experienced these types of things...hard to wrap my mind around.

desk49 said...

Blitz Pig was a group in England that played war games with toy plains on the internet.

Snaggle Tooth said...

But dancing Jigs is a fun thing- unless it means something else here? As in your use of "Flyboy Jig"

I'm sure most folks don't want that stuff either. Sadly, one kid from work who enlisted is still very enthusiastic about inflicting damage- His Mom shows us pics.

Lynn said...

I don't want any of those things either. I've never heard of Blitz Pig before either.

desk49 said...

It was a computer internet game.
Not one of my best.
Still I was protesting in my own way.

desk49 said...

Snaggle Tooth:
This has parts of a lot of things going on daring that time. From the U.S.A. Rangers, Scud missiles, and W.M.D's. I tried to show the Madness of the world and internet at that time.

(Internet[Blitz Pig war game])

Arts web show said...

It would be great if none of us have to be these things.
Nice poem, gets you thinking

JamieDedes said...


Maybe some day ...

Nicely written, Ellis.

desk49 said...

Arts web show:
So true.

Jamie Dedes:
Maybe but probably not.

Anonymous said...

That poem reminded me of my favorite war poet Wilfred Owen.

JamieDedes said...

At least probably not in our times. Too sad.

desk49 said...

At last loon I wish I was that good
For in his verse I read of death
For hope of life and love
That his kids would never see
The death and all that blood

Jamie Dedes:
To true.