March 6, 2011

Last Reply

The last reply
Not grisly stuff
Not smiles and sunshine
No blood
No tears of sorrow
We’ll skip death today
We’ll skip a tender touch
Gone is deep depression
Gone to are dreamy eyes
Nothing remains
Nothing of me


JamieDedes said...

LIke I always say, "More Moore." All's well that ends well.

Jennet is really quite a woman. Lots of spunk, eh?

Thanks for a great time, Ellis. And thanks for all your visits and poems. Hugs!

Happy Sunday.

desk49 said...

Jamie Dedes:
Your quite welcome
Yes all's well that ends well.
That will be my last post for some time. How long I have no idea.

Thank you for all the times you put up with my poems and stories.

TALON said...

I like Jennet's negotiating skill. She's a neat character. Jack Moore needs to re-think the "ex" part of her in his life!

JamieDedes said...

We'll miss your fine writing.

Stay well. Announce your return.

You can send me your chapters now if you care to.

Lynn said...

I was reading this while I was eating lunch and had to come back to it. :) A good yarn, even with the rat eating and such.

You are not posting anymore? Is everything OK with you?

Count Sneaky said...

Good way to wrap up a fine yarn. I really hope you don't stay away from blogging long. We'll miss you, your stories, poems and comments. My best.

desk49 said...

Yes she was a nice person to write about. Not sure if the two will un-ex.
Sometimes two are better than one.

Jamie Dedes:
You’ll see my wise cracks in your blog.
My reply poems and stories.

Just a break from my blog.
Not the ones that showed ups blogs

Count Sneaky:
Posting blogs only posting blogs

frigginloon said...

What the? Did I miss something? You aren't posting no more? Oh for crying out loud Desk49 stop teasing us!

desk49 said...

For a time no.
I'll still be here just not on my own blog.
So what did you think of the story?

Snaggle Tooth said...

Ellis, A good solution to a big problem! Jennet really knows how to manage situations.
A good serial story- I like the installment thing.
Thanks for the impressive entertainment!

Hope all goes well n have a good Blogcation!

JamieDedes said...

Bravo! Enjoyed your latest commen: a mini-story! :-) Well done.

desk49 said...

Snaggle Tooth:
Will your quite welcome and thank you for reading.

Jamie Dedes:
No probable.

frigginloon said...

Desk 49

You know I love everything you write!

desk49 said...

Will thanks. You'll get to see it in your blog.

brokensparkles said...

Thank you for the poetic comment you left at Jamie's blog on the post with my poem People, here is my poetic answer on your lovely comment:

In the breeze of the summer
is my heaven, I long, though
only a whisper I can hold,
maybe a little purple and
a jasmine scent ...
but there's always a hope
for another sunny day and a rose.

Jannie Funster said...

Well, eating rats at least cleans up a town. :)

Bring on the cabernet, yes!!

Wonderful, as always!!


desk49 said...

Thanks for the reply

Janie Funster:
Eating rats ? somewhat
And a toast to the end

JamieDedes said...

Just checking! Thought maybe you might have posted a poem ....

Happy days, Ellis!

Sara said...

Wow!!! This was great. I love how Jennet took care of her own problems with Jack, but I'm also glad he's returning.

I just your comment to Jamie...what do you mean this will be your last post for some time?

I don't know how I will survive without my hit of Ellis. I love your stories and your poetry. Please tell me that you're just taking a break and that you plan to be back????

desk49 said...

Jamie Dedes:
No poem have I uttered
No lines from me
Not a hint of a story
Not one you see

Yes she was good. I think Talon said her and Jack make a good couple.
My last blog post for a bit. After I retire I’ll have more time.

bschooled said...

I loved it, Ellis! Jennet is quite the lady, I love what you did with her character. (That's why I can't write fiction, all of my characters sound the same.)

I'm sad that you're taking a break, Ellis. But I understand. I'm thinking of doing the same, right now I have so much going on I can't keep up. I'm hoping things will slow down, maybe then I won't be so daft as to miss your brilliant comments on my blog.:)

I hope your break isn't permanent...

desk49 said...

Thanks yes she was quite a character. I tried to show the soft and hard types of men and women in this chapter.

The only permanent break I will get is death and less hope that don’t happen to soon.

ElizabethR said...

I'm going to miss your posts. I wasn't much for the grisly stuff, but loved your poetry. Hope you are enjoying your break and that you will be back blogging again in the future.


desk49 said...

A reply
Not grisly stuff
Not smiles and sunshine
No blood
No tears of sorrow
We’ll skip death today
We’ll skip a tender touch
Gone is deep depression
Gone to are dreamy eyes
Nothing remains
Nothing of me