June 3, 2011

Quiet Thought:

Signs everywhere
Dos and don’ts
Tomorrow never comes
Yet is already gone
Life freely given
then quickly taken
No tear was shed
they dried-up long ago
Laugher uttered not
For only the dead
now scream


Lynn said...

Wow - that last line gave me shivers! I like this quiet thought, Ellis.

Sara said...

Ellis -- I'm pleased to see something up at your site, even if it's a poem that leans slightly to dark side:~) I like it because you wrote it!

However, I do agree with Lynn about the last line. It does have a shivery feeling to it.

Wow. I just noticed the time you posted this. You get up early:~)

TALON said...

The juxaposition between a quiet thought and an internalized scream...it's eerie, Ellis!

desk49 said...

Thank you
What we think
sometimes does
scream at us

I hate to fall back on the old saying. "If one has nothing to say it is best to just scream."

I work nights and had a small window of time to get on the net.

Thanks ye who looks within my soul.

When time is quite
who better to talk things over with then oneself

Count Sneaky said...

Yes. Life is both a waking dream, a lovely day, a dark night, and a scream of pain or regret or an awakening ...all those things shaken up and thrown from a cup onto your plate. We ignore screams at our own peril; our own and those less fortunate. Good work. My best.

ElizabethR said...

Glad to see you've posted a poem Ellis :)

Like the others said, that last line was quite the scary surprise.

desk49 said...

Count Sneaky:
All are one but none are the same, so true.

Not trying to be scary yet it is a part of life.

desk49 said...

Who knows what happened so to your blog.

Sensibility is the tool man uses to try to avoid wind and water power.
1. And a route back
2. Yet you probably have a lot of guilt to waste.
3. Then other men will fest upon you.
4. And the asylums are the place the civilized hide those that don’t fit their mold.
5. Get a ladder and get out.
6. Because I’m going nowhere quickly.
7. Make sure Peter has the money.
8. And no loosed pieces to find.
9. We’re normally the ones that will end up under water.
10. Because you can’t please them anyway.
11. “Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money. JULES RENARD”

And so I bow out

Snaggle Tooth said...

I like it- Ghosts of my past tell me what not to do sometimes too!

"Tomorrow never comes
Yet is already gone"
reminds me of how I feel when I get my paycheck- all planned out who gets it besides me!
I feel an implication of regrets in there too...
Sometimes my thoughts tie knots in my gut at things other folks do... I guess my thoughts do that instead of screaming usually.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you are back Desk49 some sanity back in our lives !!!!

Anil P said...

The last line is quiet, yet foreboding.

JamieDedes said...

Wow! This kinda sets one at a spin ... or into a scream. Intense. Maybe one of your best yet, Ellis. And you're right. The signs always are everywhere ... and I think you've read everyone's mind.

Always nice to have you online.

Don't know what instigated your response to Count, but ditto on #4 and #11.

Happy evening, Ellis Working?

desk49 said...

Sanity as if this mind
Holds one ounce within
Should I write such lines
across this paper white
or upon the padded walls
I now sleep within
Hold not to thine heart
the words I whisper here
Or soon you to will
have a room next to mine

Anil P:
Quiet screams
within ones mine
Makes us ask
Are they mine

Thoughts that dig deep within our souls ask questions even we fear to answer.
Tho we know the truth will we face it before our time comes? As Poe said. That knocking knocking at our door.

By the way Thanks


Your response to Jamie Dede, above is a short little masterpiece. Very perceptive. My best.