May 15, 2011

Fairy Tale Rescuers:

People keep wanting me to post
so I worked over a reply I did
for another Blog. Have fun reading.

Fairy Tale Rescuers:

I wanted one that swings a sword
sharpened on both sides
That would cut the ones in half
that I wish to die
A Knight or Maiden
I really cared not which
As long as they would kill
the evil one called a witch

No, not one to me
was a shining Knight
No one tried to save me
or brought me out into the light
For in my time the kids was wrong
and Mom or Dad was right
So in the darkness of my mine
I hide from them in fright

Read not I
no not, book one
No fairy tales for me
for I was too dumb
What’s wrong with that kid
my sweet mom has said
I’d never read them a book
I’d rather be caught dead

I’ll not go to see them
for in the ground they stay
And the ghost within my mind
now dance upon their grave
I hope you had some fun
when you read this reply
And if you think it's true
please I ask you not to cry


ElizabethR said...

Wow Ellis, that is a sad one. I remember my dad (alcoholic that he was) telling us stories. He would dress-up all scary like and tell the stories with such drama. It was a hoot.

I'm sad for the boy in your poem.

desk49 said...

We all have our good
and bad times.
Some touched us in ways
only we will know.
Others lost in memories
long ago.

TALON said...

Not crying, but sad all the same. If a child lives in fear of those who should love him the most - well that's the most evil sort of fairytale, isn't it?

desk49 said...

Yes bad dreams till one dies of old age. Fairytales where evil wins.

Lynn said...

A little sad, but beautifully written.

desk49 said...

There are two sides and I walk between. Thanks

Snaggle Tooth said...

But it is sad...
Mommy couldn't read!
Makes me wanna go see
what post from which
This was gleaned...

In my grandson's pre-school it's reqiured to read to your child! You must pass in a dated list... really!

desk49 said...

Snaggle Tooth:
It seems all thinks it’s sad
But from only those, who cares
The ones that shows kids love
To them their heart they share
Yet many will never know
How that does truly feel
And when they have their own
Their hearts they can’t reveal

Sara said...

Hey, Ellis!! I thought these words sounded familiar! This is cool. I like what you did with the poem very much:~)See the words found their own way, didn't they?

desk49 said...

Yes even words seem to walk their own path.

JamieDedes said...

So sad, but we do make our way in the end, don't we? Maybe it's ultimately sadder for the parents than the kids. Ditto your response to Snaggle Tooth.

A well-written, authentic poem, Ellis. Touches the heart.


desk49 said...

Jamie Dedes:
And a tip of the hat to you Mis Jamie Dedes. Thanks

Snaggle Tooth said...

I hope you n your family are doing alright in Tornado alley this week- n don't need real rescuers!

desk49 said...

Family and I are fine water to the middle of tires but nothing more. All the bad weather went North and South. Not much of a weather watcher sleep through most of it last night and the night before was working. Thanks for asking.