January 21, 2014


Eyes met, bodies went wild
they knew no love would be found
between the two now there is one
no one cares what it might be
money makes everything alright
when it’s gone they will play
always repeat
why does this have to be?


TALON said...

Oh, the young and the foolish...when bodies rule brains.

Sara said...

always repeat
why does this have to be?

Oh, Ellis...that is the question!

So pleased to see you're writing more frequently. I also like the new layout of your site:~)

Snaggle Tooth said...

It's all hormones n over tones,
Surrendering to youth's urges.
TG we get older n in control
f our foolishness,
But forever all pay for it,
n more n more...

I may faint! There's a new post here a month already...

Lynn said...

That's what it is like for the young people...

So lovely to see you are posting again, Ellis - I have been so pleased to see you at my blog. Cheers!

Sara said...

Tell me this is not the case. You took down a post and I liked it. Although I do understand. I've come very close to removing some of my fiction posts.

On the other hand, Ellis...please do return soon. I like your writing very much and I feel in my heart you need to WRITE and share it.

Well, you do what you have to do, but I will keep visiting and waiting for more poems or stories:~)