February 13, 2014

If Love was Death:

If love was death
I would live
for eternity.
Nor would I know
its sweet touch or
if it winked at me.

If love was death
and only came in
the dark of night.
The sun would
shine forever on me
with its glowing light.

If love was death
it would not come
to my open door.
I would not hear
knocking, knocking
just a cry of nevermore.

Copyright ©2004 Ellis William Moore


JamieDedes said...

Oh, my. Sad ...

Well written. One of those occasions when repetition strengthens the message.


I love myself!...hmmm...why does that sound like that came out wrong? Must just be me...

Sometimes you don't have to love, its super cool to be loved...in different ways :D

TALON said...

Interesting thinking of love this way. It would be sad to miss out on love (though we'll never miss out on death).

Lynn said...

I'm totally missing out on romantic love of late, but I am rich in love in general. :) Talon is right - death isn't something we'll escape. Great analogy.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Very interesting perspective of how the speaker would live differently.
If Love were Death, there'd be no future except in hate?!

Or I could reveal that the one I loved has been dead 27 years now, n so I've had to expand my definition of love all this time.
Yes, the cat has more dedication to love me than humans have seemed capable of ever since- that doesn't make it less than love!

Anonymous said...

If Death was Love (or vice versa), then everyone would be a winner! Cool!

desk49 said...

Thank you at times I like to throw the left to bring out the right.

We all need to be loved in some way.

Yes death is the only thing sure in any one’s life.

Sorry but I do understand.
I see so many people that all they have is their pet.
Still that pet will give more pure love then most humans.

Thanks and sorry to hear about the lost of anyone’s loved ones.
As for pets, I have always marveled at the loyalty of one’s animals.

If love were death, I’d never get to die. For I will never get too loved.

Meredith said...

I don't think I'm doing very well on the subject of death right now. I'm sad to hear your narrator/persona feel so deprived of love, Ellis. That is terrible. :(

But there can be great love revealed at the time of death. If we're very lucky...

desk49 said...

I send you my all for you loss.
So sorry.

Sara said...

Another Ellis special. It gives me shiver,even as it makes me think. I liked what you said to Jamie:~)

Reading through the comments, it's interesting how your poetry makes people explore their thoughts about love and death.

Regarding the writing, I also liked the repetition. It reads well aloud.

More please:~)

desk49 said...

how did this get reposted??

Snaggle Tooth said...

A big mystery... !