March 23, 2014

Walk On Sheep

Why are we like others
Following in their footsteps
Claiming we go our own way
Doing things different
Tho nothing changes
Telling others we're not sheep
Yet being led to slaughter
By the few, the shepherds
The ones that give us no chose
How can we go our own way
Walking in the footsteps of others


TALON said...

I couldn't agree more, many led by so few. So few willing to take a stand or change direction.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I march to the beat of Emerson's different drummer, tho sometimes it makes me unpopular n misunderstood. Still there are some things I choose not to rock the boat over- n it's too easy to follow the herd n not stand out- Being brave to a point, but quiet enough to survive here. It's a balancing act!

Sara said...

First of all, I'm still delighted to come here and see something NEW:~) I am pleased you've started writing again:~)

I think we are more comfortable when we follow. This isn't to say it's better. I agree with you, you can't find your own path if you're stepping in someone's footsteps.

I loved what Snaggle Tooth said. I also sometimes push myself outside of the normal boundaries, especially in my writing. I pay the price at times, especially when I dance on dark side:~) You can tell people are slightly uncomfortable. Snaggle Tooth is is a balancing act.

Lynn said...

I follow all too often and it's indeed frustrating when things don't change.

desk49 said...

No fingers can I point Talon, Snaggle tooth, Sara, Lynn for my footsteps can not be spotted in the sand.